BLOG: A quick life hack for streaming bitlanders/youtube/hulu/netflix in browser

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Hey everyone. If you're like me, you have a dual monitor set-up and like to watch bitlanders, youtube, hulu, or netflix on your second monitor while browsing the web on your primary monitor. If you're like me, you also probably run into the issue of streaming while surfing takes quite a toll on your browser and it will make your browser run really slow and ultimately crash. So how does one surf the web while watching video stabily?

Well, here's the secret, and it's really simple. Use a second browser. No, not a second window, an entirely different browser. You have 1 browser for surfing and 1 browser for streaming video, and you will likely never experience a crash again. Personally, this is my set-up; firefox for surfing and opera for streaming. I like the way firefox flows and the browsing experience it offers, and I like opera because it is one of the most stable web browsers out there. However, this can work with any combination of web browsers so long as they are 2 completely different browsers.

So, how can this work? Why are 2 browsers more stable than 1? It's simple, they are 2 completely different programs. It's not that your computer can't handle the task of streaming and surfing, it's that your browser can't. Your browser probably wasn't designed to multitask, but your computer was. By running 2 different web browsers at once, you are running 2 different programs. As far as your computer is concerned, you're running microsoft word and windows media player. Additionally, these web browsers don't interact with each other. They are just as separate as microsoft word and windows media player. Sure, you may still be getting the internet, but they are 2 completely different products. If you're like me and you have trouble with your web browser crashing when streaming and surfing, get a second browser for streaming. I recommend opera, but it's up to you. Well this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

PS: If your computer is capable of running 2 monitors either via VGA or HDMI, I highly recommend getting a second monitor. It opens up so much room for multi-tasking. I have mine primarily for school work and it's great being able to type a paper on the primary monitor and have my research notes or whatever on my second monitor. No "maximize-minimize" back and forth. You can also use it for fun as mentioned above. It's amazing, and you can do it for under $50 if you get used monitors and cheap/included cables online.

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