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Here is a new double reward topic coming your way...

Blog about Gelato and our survey chat

A very fun Survey Chat to take on bitMiles is the chat about sweets, ice cream and gelato. You might not know this, but gelato is actually way healthier than ice cream, and definitely as delicious!

In the Ice Cream vs. Gelato chat, we ask questions about your favorite desserts, your consumption of ice cream and gelato, and share facts about the healthy benefits of Gelato, and where you can get the best ones, for example at Amorino. We'd also like to hear from you about this.

Starting today and for 1 month (until June 17, 2016), all blogs about Gelato (inspired by our Survey Chat and its content) that are submitted for review will receive double rewards. Tell us what you prefer (gelato or ice cream), your preferred brands, how much of a sweet tooth you have, etc.

To submit a blog for review, once it's published, click on 'Submit for review' at the top left.


Don't forget our 2nd current topic for double rewards: Sports and Social Good.

If you have suggestions of questions and answers you would like to see in the Survey Chat, email them to us at (questions are limited to 150 characters and answers to 15 characters). You can also create your own survey campaign at!


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