Blog about the bitLanders Survey Chat and Earn Double Rewards

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Our new double reward topic is here!

Blog about the new Survey Chat and earn double rewards!

We just launched today bitLanders Survey Chat, where you can answer questions about a variety of topics, and get rewarded in bitMiles Loyalty Points for your answers and contribution.

Spread the word about this new opportunity to earn more and to share your thoughts and opinion on key topics!

Starting today and for 1 month (until May 8, 2016), all blogs about bitLanders Survey Chat that are submitted for review will receive double rewards. Explain how it works, how you can earn, and have fun with it. Make other users want to join! Get inspired by our own blog about it.

To submit a blog for review, once it's published, click on 'Submit for review' at the top left.


If you have suggestions of questions and answers you would like to see in the Survey Chat, email them to us at (questions are limited to 150 characters and answers to 15 characters). You can also create your own survey campaign at!


- Micky


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