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So I recently started eating fiber one 90 calorie brownies rather regularly because I get them with my lunch and it's the only thing that doesn't put me over my meal equivalency at the engineering college with my meal plan. I figured "eh, I don't care about the 90 calorie thing but for extra fiber why not?" Without going into significant detail, I do notice a difference between when I have one and don't have one. Would I actively buy them at a store, maybe. It's better for my teeth than how I get my fiber normally (lettuce covered in lemon juice, tastes great but the high citric acid in lemon juice is bad for your teeth). They taste fine, definitely not cardboard like the commercial says. In general, they're pretty good.

Now my main reason for writing this is not just so I can talk about the fiber one brownie, it's more to do with the other bloggers that have given the fiber one brownies a bad light. It's all these health gurus and dieters talking about how "oh it doesn't satisfy my desert cravings," or "you could do better for 90 calories," and "oh it's chock full of unnatural ingredients," and "it tastes like chocolate but it's hardly a brownie," and so on and so forth. Well, maybe I don't care about the "90 calorie" part and more about the "20% of your daily value of fiber" part with the fact that the fiber is hidden in what is for all intensive purposes "a brownie."

First, I'll address the "90 calorie" aspect and how it leaves much to be desired. I'll start with a little history of me and explain my body type. Up until age 17, I've been really skinny. I could eat anything I wanted and I wouldn't put on weight. I wasn't underweight, but teenage girls would love to have my luck. In fact I probably would have been underweight if I didn't eat all that I did. Then at 17 my metabolism slowed and I stopped growing but my eating habits didn't really change. Now I have a little weight, but I don't care; I'm confident in my body and self, and I'm not gaining weight since I did change my eating habits to reflect my metabolism. It's perfectly healthy to have some "spare batteries." So yeah, I'm not concerned with the whole "90 calorie business."

Sorry, sidetracked. Anyways, I don't get the whole "90 calorie unhealthy snack" business. 90 calorie pops, 90 calorie servings of gold fish, 90 calorie brownies, etc. They don't satisfy, only tease. If you're actually trying to lose weight and count calories, stay away from unhealthy food period. Your less likely to laps if you consume teaser portions of unhealthy foods. The fiber one brownie is essentially the same. I don't eat them for the 90 calories, I eat them for the fiber.

Next I'll address the "unnatural ingredients." All I have to say is "what were you expecting? Fresh picked coco beans mixed with soy beans picked this morning?" Lets face it, anything pre-packaged is artificial. And you know what, I don't care. The FDA regulates food so heavily, we wouldn't be able to buy it if was legitimately dangerous, (or without being warned about it aka cigarets). I had a teacher that talked about how she had this snack food in Mexico that was made by Frito Lay and she wasn't able to buy it in the US because an ingredient was carcinogenic. It's not that the food contained a drug or something, it's just that some ingredient was known to cause cancer. Yeah I'm not afraid of the artificial ingredients in the fiber one brownie. If your diet involves eating natural and stuff, well why are you looking at a pre-packaged single serving brownie in the first place?

The last thing people point out is the "brownieness" of it. They say "it just doesn't feel like a real brownie, it's not moist like other brownies, it's not as chocolaty as a real brownie," so on and so forth. Again, what were you expecting? Brownies like mom used to make? My mom makes the best brownies anyone ever tasted. At school functions, they were always the first to empty out. She pays for favors with them, which is why people always offer to do things for her. So I'm no stranger to the brownie. My resume aside, of course a pre-packaged single serving brownie with a shelf life of weeks isn't going to be the same as a home cooked brownie with a shelf life of days. The ingredients of a homemade brownie that's meant to be eaten within days of being made aren't the same as a brownie that has to be shipped across the country and stay on a store shelf for weeks on end, the science between them makes it impossible for them to be the same. But you know what, for a thing to sneak fiber into one's diet, it gets the job done. One of the health guru bloggers said "just eat an apple, it gives you about the same amount of fiber with less calories." Well I don't really have access to apples being that I'm a college student that's at the mercy of my dinning hall, and I don't care much for apples.

Well that's my thoughts on fiber one brownies. They're good for what they try to accomplish. Well this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

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