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Hey everyone, so I was at my local Family Video video rental store, because we still have them and I like them better than Red Box, and here's why.

I brows the movies to see if they had The Grand Budapest Hotel (they did) and if Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day was no longer a new release (it wasn't, I'll have to wait on that one). I want to see Alexander because I liked the kids book but I don't think it's worth $3 for a week. I also check the free kids movies and found a DVD of the Donkey Kong TV series, something I watched some as a kid and REALLY watched the tape we had to the point where I memorized it, and it was free. I also found Bully the movie for free in the free educational section. It's the PG-13 version so it doesn't have all the awesome f-bombs like the R-rated version. I also found a PS2 game I didn't have for $0.99, and I check the price, it's worth $1.50. Yay, but that's not the reason I made this blog, that's your3minutes fodder. This is why.

So because the PS2 game was well used they resurfaced it for me, at no extra charge. Well while I was waiting I watched the guy check things back in. First possible scam, a guy didn't return the DVD when he returned the case. He called the guy up and said "hi I'm calling to let you know that you didn't return the DVD when you returned the case." Now, I'm going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. There were a lot DVDs in the return chute. The guy maybe just grabbed the cases, all full except 1 that he left in his player. I think I've done that before, and I know my grandpa has done it a couple of times, but if it was a scam, this isn't redbox, they actually check the cases, lol.

Then there were these guys, who put burned CD's in the game case and tried to return them that way. I'm not entirely sure how someone could confuse burned CD's for I think an XBOX ONE game, but I guess it's possible. Well, then the clerk called him and said "hi, you put burned CD's in the game case. This is the second time this has happened..." OK, first time honest mistake, second time you're trying to scam me. Again, this ain't red box. These guys aren't going to be fooled by your trick. This isn't readbox. They're going to catch you, and ban you from the store. We've had a video that kind of went missing (my brother rented it, let his friend borrow it, and we couldn't rent anything until we returned the DVD, but we found it eventually). You're not going to be able to pull that again. They're the only game in town when it come to game rental. Get banned there, and you'll never be able to rent a game again, and they're a chain. You won't be able to get a game from any store. Hope it was worth it.

Well, that's my little story. Yes, I still have a video rental place around me. They still exist. We even have an independent store like 5 miles from me, at least I think they are still around. Don't know, never set foot in it just drived by it a couple of times. Well this has been Pokematic, signing off and bu-bye.

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