BLOG: How-to Make Easy Light Battered Fried Jalapeños

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Hey everyone, if you're like me, you like lightly battered friend jalapeños. With them it removes a large amount of the heat, but leaves the flavor. Maybe you've had them at restaurants. Maybe you've had them at a friend's house. However, whenever you've tried to find a recipe, you've had trouble finding an easy recipe to make them. They're all like "thick batter" and "you need like 6 ingredients, 2 of which you don't have." Well, I discovered a light batter that is easy to make. Here's what you'll need

  • Store bought pancake batter mix that only needs water
  • water
  • cut jalapeños
  • cooking oil
  • necessary utensils to deep fry foods

Once all the materials are gathered, follow these steps

  1. Mix the pancake batter mix with water. You want to have it thick enough to stick to the jalapeños, but thin enough to be able to still see the jalapeños after they have been placed in the batter. I used like 2 parts water 1 part mix, but experiment as needed.
  2. Heat cooking oil to a temperature to that will fry the jalapeños but not too hot as this WILL splatter
  3. Put jalapeños in the batter mix you have made. Your jalapeños should float but be able to move around easily.
  4. Put jalapeños in cooking out. Take care to pay attention to the splattering of the cooking oil.
  5. Let jalapeños sit for a 20 seconds or until you can see a light brown crust form. Be sure to flip jalapeños if you do not have enough oil to completely submerge them.
  6. Pull out and enjoy


  • Pancake batter will splatter and you will likely make a mess. Make sure you clear the area
  • DO NOT USE A GAS STOVE as the possibility for a fire is very likely
  • Cooking oil is hot and will burn if it comes in contact with your skin
  • Fry in a well ventilated area as there will be a lot of smoke

I hope you enjoy. This has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

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