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Warning, due to the nature of the content in this blog, this may not be suitable for young audiences. Like the site being remembered, this blog is rated PG-13.

In 2003, the world was given the best Pokemon fan site ever, Pokemopolis. It was a fan site dedicated to the "innuendos" and other "doggieness" in the Pokemon anime. They made funny episode guides, character guides, articles on different aspects of the series, and all sorts of other funny things. It also had a forum for fans to discus all things Pokemon. While the content isn't something you'd want little 7 year old Timmy reading, and it would be awkward having a parent walk in and read over your shoulder, it was not obscene or pornographic. As their tag line said, "not dirty, just dodgy."

So what was there? Well, as I said, there were character bios, episode guides, forums, and articles, all of them fun. I never spent much time in the forums nor the episode guides, but I loved the character bios and articles. One of my favorite articles was an article about why Togepi is evil. What made Togepi evil? Well before Togepi entered the series, Misty was a strong character, that kept Ash and Brock in check. However, after Togepi entered the series, Misty became a wimp because she was always playing mommy to Togepi. But it goes deeper. Togepi wasn't just a helpless baby, it was actually a demon that was siphoning Misty's life force (which explains why she left the series), and wanted to kill everyone (which explains why it constantly got into trouble that put Pikachu in danger). It had amazing power as shown in some episodes, but it only did it in secret to save it's self (which is why it never showed off it's power in front of anyone). I am not doing the article justice. You think this is funny, well you should have read the original. Unfortunately I'm just going off memory, but man was it hilarious. For a while, before you could enter the site, you had to click on a picture of Togepi with an evil expression on it's face with Hell fire in the background. Oh man was it funny.

Then there was this article on why May is a sex crazed nypho that uses her sex appeal to get favors from Brock and Ash, as shown by how they take her shopping and spend crazy amounts of money on her. Even Max, her little brother wasn't safe from her. I wish I could tell you more details, but it was really funny. Even with the mature nature of the article, it still kept things PG-13, even if it was a pretty strong PG-13.

Oh yeah, then there was the "censorship" section. You know the unnecessary censorship, well they did that with screen shots form the series, using Koffing to "censor out the dirty things in the series that is inappropriate for children." Oh that was genius. I remember an image where Jessie was kicking, and there was a koffing over her crotch. Then there was a shot with Ash and Professor Ivy; Ash was looking down, and there was a Koffing over Ivy's chest. So many perfectly chosen screen shots with perfectly placed koffings. This is definitely where you would be embarrassed if your parents walked in.

There were others as well, but those were the things I remember the most. Now what about the episode guide? What was probably the most popular part of the site? Well, that too was quite funny. I never got very far into it, mainly looking up certain episodes like the banned episodes, but from what I remember it was quite funny. Take season 1 episode 8 for example, the episode where Ash battles the kid that has 100 strait victories and super trains his Pokemon. Well since there was that resistance training thing, they called the episode something like "bondage, whips, and other kinky training," or something like that and gave a synopsis based on the "kinky things." Then the infamous episode 38 where it gave the kids seizures, the episode name was "epi...EPI...EPILEPSY!" and gave some tongue in cheek explanation based on how it gave kids seizures. It was funny, just not exactly my thing. I'd rather read about other things.

This was more than just a fan site. Sure, by definition, it was a fan site, but most fan sites aren't known by people outside of the fandom. This site however, a lot of people outside of the Pokemon fandom knew about it because, well, it was great. There was a time when everyone knew what Pokemon was, and everyone had a general knowledge of what a Pikachu and Ask Ketchum was. Then as people got older, they didn't care about Pokemon, or never liked it to begin with. However, even people who didn't like Pokemon enjoyed it. In middle school I knew a kid who didn't like Pokemon, but he loved Pokemopolis because it was so funny and kind of made fun of Pokemon. Anyone who enjoyed Pokemon, immature humor, suggestive humor, and knew what a Pokemon was could enjoy the site. I wish I could talk more about what Pokemopolis had to offer, but unfortunately my memory is a bit fuzzy on some of the details.

So what happened, well, around 2013, Pokemopolis was revamped and essentially removed everything but the episode guide and the forum. Granted, these were the most popular parts of the site, but they weren't my favorite parts. Oh well. Then, in April of 2014, Dodgemaster Tim (the last of 3 webmaster to run the site) made a post saying that he will be shutting down Pokemopolis, stating that this was fun when he was in college, had a lot more free time, and everyone didn't watch fansubs of anime practically the day after it aired in Japan. When Dodgemaster Brandon started the site, the anime episodes aired like 4 months before they did in America, giving him and Dodgemaster Lex plenty of time to write funny episode guides before they aired in America and being up to date practically the day after the episode aired. It's not that the site was a financial burden, the ad money more than paid for the cost of hosting it, it's just that it took to much time. For these reasons, he let the domain expire in mid October 2014.

So that was Pokemopolis, probably the best Pokemon fan sites ever. If you want to try to see what it was about, there is a freeforum site that was set up by fans of Pokemopolis to continue the legacy. You can check it out here. Dodgemaster Tim even gave them his blessing. I've poked around on it, and it just isn't the same though. Well, looks like it's the end of the dodgy journey. It was fun guys. I hope one day you can come back. But until then, this has been Pokematic, wishing you farewell. Bu-bye.

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