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Hey everyone, Happy Gamer here and I thought I thought of some other reasons why I'm not a PC gamer. Check out the video below for my initial explanation, but afterwards read to find out my new reasons.

OK, so what more reason do I have to not be a PC gamer? Well a major part of it is edutainment. You know, those video games that trick kids into learning. These are games like Jump Start, Reader Rabbit, Spy Fox, and Clue Finders. They are well crafted instruments of learning, where in order to advance in the game, you need to learn stuff or proved you learned stuff. I'm not saying they're bad, on the contrary. I spent many an hour at the computer learning. However, that's what I've come to associate PC games with, edutainment. My parents rarely bought me non-edutainment PC games, and even the non-edutainment games still felt like edutainment, they didn't feel like the games I played on my Gameboy Color or N64. I know that there are non-edutainment games out there, but psychologically I can't break that association.

To be fair, I was exposed to games like sims city, roller coaster tycoon, and myst; never owned, but exposed. That's also part of the issue with my association of PC gaming. All those games are point and click, games that just don't work unless you have a mouse and keyboard. I know some PC elitists will say "oh but mouse and keyboard are the superior input method," maybe to you but you can still play a lot of your games with a controller and it will work. The previously mentioned games however, just plain don't work without mouse and keyboard because of the typing commands and moving your mouse around the screen to click on the menu and select the option and what not. I tried playing console ports of sims city and roller coaster tycoon and they are essentially unplayable because it takes so long to select things with the analog sticks. And that's also part of it, I associate PC gaming with point and clicks. Again, nothing wrong with point and clicks, I love them, it's just that I associate PC gaming with either point and clicks or edutainment, so all the other game genres out there kind of confuse me with why it's on a PC. Weird I know, but that's psychology for you.

The last big reason, and I'm not sure if I stated this in my video, are the PC nazis. These are not the PC gamers, they aren't even the elitists that think PC is the best platform, these are the fan boys that think consoles are stupid and anyone who would waste their money on a console is stupid and will talk down to you because you have a console. Even if you bring up aspects like "well I don't want to worry about hardware and compatibility," or "I want the exclusives" or anything that is a non-fanboy reason for liking consoles, they'll say "no you're stupid, PC is so much better, the games are cheaper, you already have a computer for your office, so just learn how to upgrade your computer," despite the fact that that's exactly what you don't like. I know every platform has it's fan boys, but at least around where I "hang out" in person and online, there are more PC nazis than nintendo, sony, and microsoft fanboys combined by a factor of 100. I don't care how good your platform is, your followers freak me out. If these were just outliers, like console fanboys, then maybe I could overlook them. However, PC nazis and PC elitists are not outliers, and I'm pretty sure they aren't even a vocal minority. PC fanboys, you're part of the reason I'm not a PC gamer. Well this has been Happy Gamer, signing off, and the more you push me, the further I get.

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