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Hello everyone. Let me start out by saying I'm a pretty big fan of The Simpsons and not a fan of Family Guy. I find the Simpsons to be witty, clever, and entertaining, whereas I find Family Guy to be that kid in middle school who thinks he's so cool and funny when he says terribly written off color jokes and lives solely on shock value. Plus, Family Guy is nothing but stupid cut away jokes with a loose story whereas the Simpsons relies on situational humor and context. So, what happens when the best animated series on FOX crosses over with the worst animated series on FOX? Well, it's a mixed bag.

So what happens, well it starts with Peter making an offensive comic strip (that rips off old jokes), and they leave town. They then get stranded in Springfield where they meet up with the Simpsons. Peter and Homer spend half the episode trying to find the Griffin's stolen car, and then the second half involves a legal case of whatever beer Peter drinks ripping off Duff. As you can see, I don't even care what the family guy beer is. Then there's a big 10 minute fight scene between Homer and Peter. There's also a Stewie and Bart sub plot where Stewie things Bart is cool and wants to impress him. Then there's the sub-plot of Lisa helping Meg find something she's good at. And lastly there's the sub-plot where Brian tries to understand Santa's Little Helper.

So how was it? Well, there's a reason this is the "Family Guy season premier" and not "The Simpsons season premier." Why, because Simpsons don't need no Family Guy, but Family Guy needs Simpsons. In fact the whole legal case thing draws all it's jokes from the fact that Simpsons and Family Guy are essentially the same character wise (except for Quagmire, he is not like Leny at all). But yeah, this wasn't a "dual series season premier," Simpsons did their own before this aired, and it didn't rely on crossing over with some other series.

Train of thought, sorry, writing this after I've been working like crazy on some projects. Anyways, it was alright. Really, that's all I can say, it was alright. As I said before, I'm not a fan of Family Guy. I don't like the "humor" (if you can call it that). And there's a fair amount of Family Guy level humor in it. I mean the first 10 minutes are about Peter writing a comic strip that makes a sexist joke, causes a lot of controversy, and causes them to leave town. Personally I don't find it funny, especially when it's a sexist joke that's as old as sexism (the joke was a guy taking his wife to a repair shop and saying "the dishwasher is broken.") If you're going to be edgy, at least think of something original. Then there's the car wash scene. Oh that had "Family Guy" written all over it. If you don't know, in a scheme to find Peter's stolen car, Homer and Peter have a free car wash for stolen cars. Homer came up with the idea and that's Simpsons humor right there, but then the 2 of them do a "sexy car wash" montage, with the humor being that they're fat men doing sexy car wash women things, for like 3 minutes with lots of close ups. THAT! That's Family Guy humor right there. Then there's that 10 minute fight between Peter and Homer. I don't get what the big deal is with those drawn out fights in Family Guy. Is it that it just keeps going? Is it because there's so many different landmarks? I don't get it. The only funny part was when Homer was strangling Peter and Peter made a comment about how it really hurt. Yeah, lots of Family Guy humor that just sucks.

However, there was also an equal amount of Simpson humor as well. I mean that court scene where they compared the 2 worlds, that's pretty Simpsons level. Homer teaching Peter how to Homer, also good. Marge pointing out that Brian is a dog and treats him like a dog (ie: "dogs eat in the kitchen, not at the dinner table"), good. There's some other good things in there as well.

So was it worth the hour? Eahhhh. I like The Simpsons but I don't like Family Guy. If you like them both, definitely worth it. If you don't like Family Guy, it's something to kill time with. Personally, there's a bit to much Family Guy for my tastes. I wish there was a little more Simpsons humor and less Family Guy humor, but what can you expect from the Family Guy season premier? Well this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

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