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Howdy! Being at a lost state of mind confused on what to do is just what exactly happened to me for the whole summer. Before it started, I was actually anticipating of many things and interests that I really wanted to indulge myself in for summer. I thought of reading completely a whole new set of books, drown myself for the movies, advance study for the next semester….and writing.  Writing landed on my mind, and I’ve had many ideas of writing a novel and even made a plot for the story that I really wanted to make. But! When summer hit land, I was lost into this well of thoughts as to what, and how can I complete my to-do list. Know what? I ended watching my nose planted into the screen of phone or laptop searching for some sites that will pay you for writing informal contents just like what Bubblews did. That’s what I did. I searched for “sites like Bubblews.” I actually found myself being drowned in a barrel of sites which could be legit or scam. I visited those sites for weeks and realized that I was just wasting my entire time. I found this site called ‘mylot’ and evaluated it. It’s quite like Bubblews except that one can earn on mylot thru comments you make and responses of other users in your own posts. In addition to, mylot pays at a very low rate compared to Bubblews. I spent few hours of a day there and got tired and disappointed because of its very low paying rate. I still searched for more sites and just got my time wasted again. Then, I realized that blogging is popular nowadays. A beginner may not earn a lot, but I realized that I wanted to do it not because of the earning possibility but because I’d love to write about everything that’ll just pop out of my mind!


Why love Blooging?blogging

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1. You can completely express yourself!



                Think of the times when you wanted to talk to someone to spit out all that’s inside of you. Remember when was the last time someone listened to you. Remember the moment when you felt something hard and something that just might explode is ringing inside of you. Have you talked to someone about it and felt lightweight after? That is what blogging offers    !


2. It’s your house! It’s your rule!

                As for blogging, you own everything! You own your ideas and no one asks you to follow any guidelines, and rules on writing. You can basically write about everything and no one can judge you. You don’t have to follow any directions as to what you will write and there aren’t any formats to stick to.







3. A door for connections and friendships!


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                Blogging is like opening up your personal diary to everyone, whether you know them personally or not. And as this reaches other people, you may stumble upon and meet different persons who may have the same interests as you. And that’s pretty exciting!




4. It’ a box to share your inner-most, weird, ridiculous thoughts.



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                We all have this time when we can think of something that may make us laugh, or frown because of its ridiculousness, right? And we think that if we share those thoughts with our seatmates, they’d just look at us thinking that we’re really out of this world. No worries! Just write it and blog!





 5. Stimulates mind and thinking.earn

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                Writing makes our minds work and think. It’s quite an exercise for our mind for when we write, we use our mind to think more to add up to what you’ve already started. It helps our mind and us grow!




6. It could perhaps be an account of your life.


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                There are just so memorable moments that taking pictures of them might never be enough. So, we turn to writing. It’s a great way to treasure moments in blog, isn’t it?



7. Training to become a better writer.

                Blogging is a great training ground for all students. Writing is an essential formula to succeed in school. We are always asked to write, would it be creative, academic, formal or any kinds of writing. Constantly blogging will help us be used to start the engine of our minds so we wouldn’t be stuck in the first line of the paper when we are asked to write, right?!




8. Confidence-generating


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                Yes! Blogging helps us boost our confidence. When we constantly write, we develop that kind of coolness in ourselves that causes us to just think of what we want to do and not pay attention to what would and may other people say, girl!




9. Helps you be creative


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                When blogging, we want to develop a sense of readership, so we want our audience to be hooked up by what we write and we want them to be craving for the next one. As a result, we develop a sense of creativity, got it?!



10. You can tell us who you are


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                Of course, through blogging you let us enter into your world, and into yourself. We read your blog, then you tell us what and who you are. It’s a door to your personality!



11. You can inspire people

                Whatever you may be writing about, there is a great possibility that it would mean so much to the ones reading it. It may touch, heal, and inspire them!



12. Some meaningful time!

                Of course, there are some dull moments when you’ve got nothing to do, or when you’re doing something but  you get bored of it. Why don’t you just turn your head on the other side, open your phone/computer and write! At least, you’ve wisely used up your time.




 13. A possible fortune awaits!


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                Well, not that easy for beginners, but as you get along your way into the blogging world, you get used to it, and find some ways to earn from it then, it’ll go with your satisfaction with writing!


These are just some of the reasons why I got hooked up by blogging and why I turned into it. There are probably still many reasons that I haven’t sighted out, and perhaps you have your own reasons too.

Anyway, I’m looking forward for colourful moments spending my time with blogging and, of course with you!! Lots of love!

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