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This blog has been created in response to @artbytes' latest blog review entitled: Can You Create One Blog Post Per Day?


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Read that blog and learn about his own list of hurdles in terms of this blogging platform. I personally can relate and I believe most of us who are submitting blogs here for review can attest that blogging every day is not easy! True enough, finding ideas is simply not an easy task to do. It is unlike posting a microblog where you can just select a sticker and voila, you got a microblog up on your feed! Plus, there are guidelines to follow, there's a specific assemblage of things to note for the blog to be reviewed with good star ratings or better yet get a full five star and get the gems back!

Quality is indeed an important factor also to be successful here in bitLanders and I know it is hard to please the jury, the team behind the content review is as well making sure that what they are giving is worthwhile both for the platform as well as for the readers. Mr. @artbytes had explained himself well with the terms of getting the perfect score on review, the word selection, the length of the article, the formatting, media attachment and most especially the tags which is always an issue when I am creating my blogs too!


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With the blog ending with the ways to overcome the challenges, he also mentioned about motivating yourself to write every day. Obviously, for the past weeks, if you had checked my blog section, my blogs are dated in sequence. That basically means that I write and publish blogs almost every single day. Almost. Yes, almost because there are days when I can't publish but I would make sure that I'd still get the +3 buzz the next day before it resets. So technically speaking, I am blogging every single day. Why?

I am trying to challenge myself. And I guess I am doing a good job so far.

So, today, let me share my own simple ways on how I motivate myself and how I am able to find something to write about.

1. Travel and Take Lots of Photos and Videos


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Nothing can beat your own experiences so constantly exploring our province and city here in Cebu as well as the neighboring provinces give me a personal perspective on what to blog.

Posting my own photographs and videos as well add value to your blog although I still feel like bitLanders is not really into the originality of media files because they allow online free source pictures with proper credits which is okay with me but at least they should give plus points to those contents which the user himself had taken.

Most of my blogs are about reviews of a place, a resort, a beach or even random places as well as my first-hand experience, may it be a positive or a bad one.

Anything can be expanded, tackle about the ambiance, what I like about it, the place's interior and exterior design, the staff, are they accommodating? The fees, are they worth it? There's a lot of things to talk about.

Check out this video tutorial on how to embed images on bitLanders:

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2. Read Blogs Online

Being in the online realm allows me to explore on other ideas to talk about. Reading blogs here in bitLanders solely give me ideas just like how this blog had been formulated!


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When I read @artbytes' blog about this topic, I knew right away that I am blogging a reaction response to that post and so this blog had been formulated.

But there's more blogs and websites online where we can learn and get ideas on what to blog next. I read on different sites including Steemit too, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. You read and learn what this author is trying to convey and you also can express your own blog about it. Just make sure that we are not creating the same blog out of those topics.

3. Talk to Spouse/Friends/Family for Ideas


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I don't know about you but I love to ask my husband about blog ideas. Those photography and mobile topics which I have posted here before was all from my husband. Although I wrote those words and the entire blog, he fed me with data information to help me complete that blog series.

Talking with your friends and family members will do too! The more ideas, the better.

I normally write the topics on my mobile phone's Google Keep application so whenever I ran out of things to write, I can go back to that list and try to finish the ideas. So it is not necessary that you write a topic and finish it on spot. Sometimes it would take months!

4. Read Magazines


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Who reads newspapers or magazines these days? I do but rarely. But whenever I get to, I would keep the magazine for future reference. Don't get me wrong, I don't copy the details, I would only use it for my future blog topic to talk about.

The last magazine that I have read was a travel magazine brought by my husband from Sweden when he stayed at the Generator Hotel.

Although I don't always get concepts from there, it is still helpful in terms of the write-up style and it serves as an inspiration for me to also write the same way as how these authors do!

5. Watch Videos Online and on TV


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Watching videos on the web can be a source of inspiration too! I have followed a lot of YouTube vloggers whom I had blogged about as well, the likes of Peter McKinnon, Judy of ItsJudy'stime and some Filipino individuals like Alex Gonzaga and a lot more.

Video credits: Peter McKinnon via YouTube

I watch not just to be entertained but to also learn from them and possibly blog about them. You can also do that with your favorite vloggers, tell their story, their lives, what do they talk about and what are the things you discovered from them? See, there's a long list of topics to start forming about.

6. Think and Challenge my Mind of Ideas


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But more importantly, I always challenge myself with the next blog topic idea. When I am alone at home, when I go walking which happens every 5 pm or when I am about to take a shower or go to sleep, I let my imagination run wild.

I talk to myself often and ask if I could talk about this matter on bitLanders if what I have in mind is long enough to reach a thousand words, if the answer is yes, then I would add it on my ideas list.


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It is also important to note on a schedule. I have a specific schedule of which I am more productive. It occurs mostly in the early morning or in the early afternoon after working on my real job. Keeping a schedule is good for your mind and body because you'll create a habit and once you start that habit, your body will then look for ways to do that habit whatever it takes.

So far, it has been two or three weeks, or perhaps a month now that I am trying to blog every single day. I am creating now this habit of squeezing my mind of words and generating topics to talk about. It has been a challenge but with the above list, I am able to conquer that and write as much as I can. A thousand words are short for me if I talk about what I love most and that's travel.


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The bottom line is that: blog about what you are most knowledgeable about. You'll know that you are good with that because you can write fast and express the words easily.

Go create, blog and submit for review!

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