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Do you have a passion of writing, and interacting with people? If you want to become a successful blogger, this article is for you. Each and every paragraph and sentence of this article is designed to walk you through an essential element of blogging. You can learn how to write a good article or a blog from your hard work.

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What is a blog?

Let’s start with where the term ‘blog’ came from. It is short for ‘weblog’, which is a log that is published on the internet.

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Blogs and websites often seem very similar, and that’s because they are. Somehow, a blog is more of a regular updated journal. They act as a medium for self-expression, or for documented people’s lives. They tend to be more personal than regular websites, and that is a big reason why they are so popular.

Here are some terms that will be useful to know:

Blogger: Someone who creates or maintains a blog.

Blog: An internal journal or diary – the act of writing a blog. You can blog something, by writing about it.

Blogging: the actual act of writing a blog.

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Why blog?

Mostly people write blogs for various reasons and it is considered a great activity. Following are the best reasons to make a blog:


Just the act of sitting down and writing you’r thoughts, so that people might want to read them, is difficult. Embrace that because it helps you to grow as a person.

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Learn a lot

All of the skills that you need to master in order to blog, will improve you’r overall base of skills and knowledge greatly. Constantly looking for new things to blog about will also make you more worldly person.

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For business

This is one of the reasons for many people to start blogs. They are great for business, and even the largest organizations all seem to have them now-a-days. Why don’t you take advantage of the popularity of blogs for you’r own business?

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Demonstrate the authority

You’re probably an expert at something, so why not show people you’r authority? This is especially useful for getting the public to trust a business or brand name.

Types of blogs

There are many different types of blogs. At the moment, it’s best to be aware of the most popular types which are:

Journal blogs

These are much like the traditional diaries, where the writer shares things about their own life. Often, the goal with journal is not to make money, since they are usually done as a hobby.

Business blogs

They are one of the quickest growing types of blogs. The main goal with business blogs is to make quality content that will be useful for customers. They are used to bring in new customers to the business.  The blogs of big organizations will often have the best quality content, because they pay plenty of money to make that happen.

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Niche Expert blogs

These are typically crated to bring in revenue. By making content that will be useful for a specific niche, the blogger hopes to draw high amounts of traffic.

Professional blogs

They are a little like a mix between business and niche expert blogs. They are typically made by people who know a lot about niche, and have a great passion for it.

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Qualities of a Successful Blogger

There are some bloggers who are just more successful than others. What makes those people different?

Here are some of the biggest qualities that the best blogger’s possess:

Social Butterfly

If you want to be a great blogger and you hate communicating with people, this might not be the best option for you. People who enjoy networking and creating new connections, tend to become the best bloggers in the world.

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To learn how to make money blogging, you need to become influential. The best in the business hold a huge sway over what other people think, and could practically change the industry with their opinions and ideas.

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A successful blogger must be an expert at blogging. There are number of successful blogger without special qualifications and industry jobs. Somehow, no causal bloggers will have a good change of being successful. In order to make it in the blogging name, there need to have a huge store of knowledge about the world of blogging.

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Making you’r own blog

Essential ingredients for a successful blog

All good blogs share a number of things in common. Below are the typical ingredients for a superb blog:

Great media assets

You can make a good blog that is all text, but most top bloggers use a wide range of different assets to accompany their blog posts as I have done. These include things like embedded videos, quality images, and any other resources that you can think to add to you’r blog.

Personal touch

People want to know who their bloggers are. That’s why it is good to put a face to the content. The big organizations often have faceless, nameless content. This is where you can get advantage, by making sure to put a face behind you’r blog.

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Social Media tools

If you want people to share your content on social media, you had better make it easy for them.

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Regular content uploads

Are you planning to publish 10 posts soon? Instead of putting them online all in one day, why not spread them in a week or so? It is much better to have just one or two posts every day.

Analyze the data

If you want to make the best decisions about your blog, it’s important to use analytical tools.

Hopefully, now you’re more motivated that ever to get out there and start blogging like crazy???

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