Blogging For Business: Why It Is Useful?

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Blogging For Business: Why It Is Useful? - Photo credit:, Edition by Amber255 via

A business blog is one of the fastest and greatest ways to increase your readers' number. There are only a few independent blogs survived in Lithuania. Their boom passed a few years ago when major media channels understood the blogs' influence and most of the best blogs took under own control. Until now our biggest portals publish the best bloggers' articles. In this way, an independent blogger just disappeared, but business blogs have survived.

Not only has it survived, but more and more are emerging. Business is well aware of the blogs' importance - it is not only an SEO tool but also a great way to announce about itself to the world, as well as to offer higher quality articles for the republishing in large media channels.

A  blog is a wonderful thing and a great marketing tool that can bring many benefits to your business.

Business blogging is as essential to marketing a business as the yellowpages. A business blog is a marketing channel that helps businesses increase visibility online, brand awareness, blog subscribers, and support business growth.


However, almost every time I offer my friends who have business to add blog posts to other other marketing tools, I get a pretty negative reaction. Here are the three main reactions I get when advise my friends to start writing a blog:

1) Why do I need it for?

2) I have nothing to write.

3) I will consider it in the future.

Le'ts talk about each of these sayings. Is it a serious reason not to have a business blog

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1. Why Your Business Needs a Blog?

There is no one answer. There is no one answer because the benefits are very large and very diverse.

First of all, SEO and higher positions on Google search. Search engine robots are constantly indexing sites, and the position in search is changing. One of the criteria for indexing is content. How often is new content added? When was the last time you uploaded a new content? Is the content unique?

Another criterion is traffic indicators. How long does one session take on a website? How many pages do people visit during a session? And so on.

A regular blog can help with these points - constantly updated website's content, high-quality text, and strategically structured links will help to keep the customer's attention.


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Secondly, the blog adds value to your customer and even to the business itself. The purpose of blog texts is not only to sell but also to give information, interest, tell the history and shape the image. It is very useful to use this platform for more information on the origin of your products, to offer ideas on how to tailor products to different needs, to share customer stories, etc.

Third, blog content is easy to share. Social networks manage content marketing - everyone understands it. And one of the high-quality blog's strengths is that it's easy to share on Facebook, send a link to a friend, etc. In addition, a regular blog will also boost your business account on social networks.

And that's just a few points from many. Depending on the type of business, the size, the exact benefits are much more.


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2. Content Of The Blog

I do not understand at all the saying about anything to write on a blog. What do you think the food store can write on their blog? And why they generally need a blog if they have advertising stand and other offline advertising? Some of our supermarkets have wonderful blogs: photos, detailed texts, recipes, tips. 

I add a contribution to our company's blog. I share home interior ideas, a concise, clear, and correct look at the information about buying a new home. It is not just a list with photos about homes and apartments that we sell.

The most important thing is to clear your blog idea, decide which topics you will write, set clear goals (this goal may be to improve your website's SEO results, and attract new customers, and be noticed on social networks), and systematically move forward.

What about to write depends on the niche of your business.


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3. Postponing Blog Creation To The Future

"I will consider it in the future, I will think about it later", and similar. Believe me, no one who has turned the topic to the side for the future has not yet started writing their blog. Just. Either people understand the benefits of the blog and want to use it or not. 

Those who are really interested but don't really understand how to do it - looking for information, consulting, interested in. Those who are not interested, they say, will do it in the future - a mystical time, which is always one step ahead of now.

So, why not starting today? You have not a website to post your content and do not know how to create any?  May you have a Facebook account for your business? It's the nicest niche to share! 


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You do not know how to write, and you will be not able to write yourself? It's OK - nobody was born knowing how and having skills for that. There are many content marketing professionals working in this field who will really give all the information you need and help with the content creation.

Some say that the blog is not in fashion already, it is a relic. Much less rarely the reason is that no one reads the blog, it is not interesting to anyone, and that is just a relic of the past. I disagree categorically with this view, but there are certainly cases where the written format is not the most right. But you know what? Not all blogs are written blogs! You may choose other ways to tell your story, ranging from blogs to comics.


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Who Will Create A Quality Content For Business Blog?

There are lots of blogs that support businesses. But they have one serious problem - who will create quality content for a business blog?

This task requires hiring a writer, paying him a few tens of euros for the article or giving this work to some of the employees. Surely I am not surprised that some blogs were forgotten since the first half of the year after their creation. It's a big investment. In our case, three employees are writing on our company's blog, and everyone has different topics they feel best for.

Problem-solving is simple - to get free content from partners or even competitors. In this way, the blog receives content and increases its presence. Another problem is how to find blogs on the same theme. Some blogs can create long-term collaboration and will feature more than one article.

If you hire writers, why not have their names added? After all, it's a kind of publication with an author. Yes, the copyright belongs to the company that initiated the blog, but it would also be good to know the author. In this way, writers would be more motivated to go into specific topics. Everyone would know that this or that is a writer of technological topics working for several companies and, and they could be hired for your project. Unfortunately, the authors are now hidden. After all, competitors will find it and entice.


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Business Blogging Issues

1. Inconsistent update of blog information.

Typically, businesses start writing a blog when an enthusiast appears between company's employees. He takes care of the blog for a few months but then ceases to do so. The reader no longer sees consistency and no longer goes into the blog until it is completely forgotten.

2. A small circle of readers.

The company's blog may have great content, but if it doesn't work with readers, it is doomed to failure. Links on Facebook are not enough, it is better to involve all company employees in the blog promotion. "They don't pay me for this, why should I promote?" - the classic sayings and programmed conflicts do not allow companies to do so. 

3. Blog - SEO Tool.

In the past, newsletters on companies' websites ( what is actually the same blog) appeared as a creator's decision and stayed there for a long time with one of two old news. The blog now appears on the SEO agency's suggestion to expand the webpage - constantly updating the page is good for Google. This makes the blog like an SEO articles' collection. It is obvious that attempts were directed to describe certain keywords that are not mentioned in the descriptions of services or products. This approach destroys the reader's confidence in the company, and the blog is doomed. 

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search.


Having solved these problems, the blog can become a great communication channel, just like Facebook's social network. Its maintenance costs, but there should also be marketing professionals who find ways to make this information work for sales promotion.


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Why It's Useful To Have  A Business Blog?

Business is built up to make a profit. In order to make a profit, the business needs customers, customers, partners, representatives, wholesalers, etc. And in order for them to emerge, they have to build relationships, make connections, try to keep up a positive and trusting mutual emotion. The truth is that every money earned comes from the relationship with the client.

The reason for a relationship with a customer is a product or service offered by the business, a price-quality ratio and other parameters of the product or service itself. Developing customer relationships is the creation of positive emotions and interconnections. Later, there is a sales moment and a positive relationship with the customer. Here, high quality, the consistent blog is playing an important role.


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Writing a business blog is worth remembering a few key points:

1.  The blog is useful to give information to customers. Here you can find out more about manufacturing, operating processes, product specifics, technical data. It is also useful to tell more about the issues related to the goods/services, to give statistics, scientific data, to show the possibilities of use, applicability, etc.

2. The blog is useful to form a positive opinion, attitude towards the goods/services you offer, show how they solve a particular problem.

3.  The blog is useful to communicate your business values, goals, attitudes.

4. The blog is useful to create a positive, sincere, open, transparent business image.

5. The blog is useful to show your business routines, important moments, conditions under which they work.

6. The blog is useful to show the team, its dedication, diligence,  accuracy, and joy of working in your business.

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On The Final Note

People buy from you for several reasons: they know that you are and trust you. Awareness and trust. Small businesses often have to act extremely creatively to reach the largest audience. And when you point out, tell someone who you are and ultimately gain confidence. Some people succeed, and others don't. Some write a blog, and others trust other means. 

Businesses that write a blog often have higher website traffic. Business is known as it needs; it's loved and fun for some reason. But the success and readability of a blog do not depend on its creator's ability to write essays.

More important there is a sincere, human wish to help, advice, show, answer questions, share available information, and the lack of direct sales.


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The main thing is the ability to deliver products commercially without losing sincerity and quality of content.

Creating a blog for your business and posting relevant material can elevate your business status and provide you with a strong foundation for developing business. After all, blogging is serious business and done properly should be an integral part of your business marketing program.



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