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In the video below Francesco Rulli wisely talks about speed, business and internet. He compares the speed required to make a business decision to wrestling or Judo. This is also relevant when Blogging.

When you are Blogging, being up to date and relevant is vital to your success. Nobody enjoys reading out of date articles or Blogs, particularly as they are likely to contain inaccuracies or ‘stale’ information. For example, who would be interested in a review of a show that has been and gone?

The internet industry is moving rapidly and it is necessary for Bloggers to keep up with as much internet technology as possible. You should really be using Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis to keep up with trends as even these networks, and sites you may feel a comfortable sense of familiarity with are rapidly evolving to meet technological advancement.

Images can be an asset to your Blog as they may attract visitors, but first you should weigh up how many images are necessary compared to the time it will take you to upload them and make sure the Blog will still remain fresh by the time you have added your images.

Another advantage of being in control of your own Blog when it comes to speed is cost. Even if as a Blogger you are fortunate enough to earn a high income, writing and uploading you Blog yourself is in essence a much faster process than having to contact your web-designer each time you need an update.

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