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Hello soldiers!






Our new week-end rewards program is here : Blue Moon



It is so easy to get FREE items:



You can redeem the prizes from the tier at any time, just click 'Redeem' and check your Giftbox in Wolfteam!
The AP you spend on any purchase (Webshop, Lootwheel, Lootforge, In-game Shop) will be added together and when you reach the AP goal you will qualify to redeem this tier!
There is a delay of up to 10 minutes when you spend AP using the Lootwheel or Lootforge, but it is applied to your Tiered Spender.
The green bar means that the tier was unlocked and you can redeem your prizes - simply click "Redeem".
The orange bar indicates that the prizes were redeemed and the blue bar indicates the progress to the next tier.



Note: You have 24 hours to redeem the prizes after the promotion expires.

Have a nice Weekend!

Your Wolfteam Support


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