Blood Ransom

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It was a good call on the producer's part (or whoever decided to cast Anne Curtis) to cast a Filipina as the lead role. Filipinos are notoriously like-minded. I'm not saying this to generalize all Filipinos but this is the widely accepted stereotype and more often than not, we fit it. We are most known in the internet as a fabulous, prideful mob who is easily angered when one of our own is subjected to any form of discrimination or is undermined. And we embrace that stereotype. (Except for those attention-seeking, like-hungry hypocrites who comment "Proud Pinoy comments are coming" who are obviously Filipinos and just want a chance in the spotlight. We don't hate you, we just shake our heads and think, "let's not invite them to our nationwide fiesta". Anyway, I'm getting off-topic. My point is...)

No matter how unsatisfactory the trailer (and subsequently, the movie) is, Blood Ransom will get watched by millions of Filipinos just for the sole reason that it is an international movie starring a Filipina. I know I'll watch it.

I mean, I know Anne Curtis is an accomplished actress but to the awesome marketing mind behind casting her, I salute you.