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Blue eyes are always the symbol of beauty and attraction because people are attracted to attraction and many people are crazy for her kind eyes, only 17 percent of the world have blue eyes and an billions of people around It says that the frustration, O our eyes are blue, but they'll have to keep in mind his desire.

Dilated psychologically attractive spreads and their color is one of the main reasons and the good news for those who want to change the color of your eyes because your black and through only one operation brown eyes blue can forever.

American company, astruma Medical 'announced that the blue color is present in each eye through which the operation by clear blue eyes can make you forever. Dr. Gregg Homer says that the company behind every brown eye is blue eye and between the two pigment (color) is the distance that is at eye level.

According to experts, this brown pigment somehow be removed from the eye and the light enter astruma astruma say these small fibers are like the stars of the cycle and if it is spread on the smallest wave lit. lyngth (wavelength) of light is emitted and it is blue pigment removal of such a look to see blue eyes.

According to experts, the effect is exactly the same as we have seen blue sky is shattered when the sunlight is reflected only blue light and the sky looks blue.

According to the company from a laser level Pigments teased and then the body slowly begins to naturally colored tissue removal, laser surgery takes only 20 seconds the blue pigment typically appear gradually after several weeks starts and turns blue eyes.

The company delivered the initial 37 cases successful experimental operations which after completing this action deemed safe, the company that works for the American institutions accreditation to obtain, because some experts this method had objected the operation for some time, it is necessary to examine the impact that the company's ultra-low power operation of the laser can be used to access this part of the eye capillaries are not possible where sensitive.


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