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This is the most important issue now a day but most of us really unaware of it. As we all know the use of the Bluetooth feature in our mobile phones. Bluetooth feature is the medium used to share files between two or more mobiles or between mobile and laptop having built-in Bluetooth device. File to be shared could be of any type like (Audio, Video, Pictures, and Document files). Bluetooth “Discoverable” feature which allows other devices to detect our device when our Bluetooth is enabled. Mostly we forgot to turn off the device. This will let an unknown person to attack on device to get private information and they can leak this information on websites. These days everyone has a smart phone having a huge amount of data stored in it. Everyone with malicious objective can target Bluetooth device easily.

The normal rage of Bluetooth is about 10 meters and it may vary device wise.

Most of people use their name or cell number as their device name which is not safe. Bluejacking is the software which contains spam that can be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to target mobile. Different bluejacking software’s are easily and freely available on internet for download.

Bluesnarfing is the attack that can be applied on old models of Bluetooth devices. Force connection can be achieved without victim’s authentication. Also attacker can send spam in the form of text message or business card to victim cell phone. The message or business card contains such an attractive subject which a victim wants to open. These attackers also use their Bluetooth device name to some “official” name or of company name which a victim wants to associate. Another trick is to include PIN as a Bluetooth device name Like (PIN1234 or PNSU56) and nearby victim connects it without questioning the authenticity.

Bluebugging allows attackers to further extent means using this attacker can make calls, send messages, reading emails, forwarding phone calls and much more by using victim cell phone.

We can overcome these issues by several security actions and general awareness. Keeping Bluetooth off when we don’t need it so attacker has no chance of hacking device. We should select device name bit different or unique so that it could be difficult for attacker to locate device. Pin authentication is the option available in Bluetooth device function and it should be enabled to protect date from unauthorized person.

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