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Stay grounded; stay in your body. If you do not, your body will get your attention by losing balance, stubbing your toe, getting sick and anything that pulls you back into the Now.
Soon we will be flowing with even more energy; high dimensional energy, so it is so important to stay in our bodies. You can help by Earthing (standing or walking barefoot on the ground), sun gazing (only when the sun just starts to rise and/or just as it's setting), eating root vegetables and other grounding foods (let your body guide you).
Remember, we are ascending here on Earth and in our bodies, so let's not forget about them or create situations that get our attention back to our bodies. You can also use visual grounding like seeing roots going deep into the Earth from your root chakra and feet or attaching to the Earth Crystal Cluster at the center of Earth with your grounding cord.
Staying in your body also keeps you in the Now; absolutely essential now. And you will know when you aren't in the Now; your body will let you know.

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