Body Painting

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Did you know that Body painting, or sometimes referred to as bodypainting, is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours, or at most like "Henna tattoo" last for a couple of weeks.

Body paintings are typically seen at football matches, at rave parties, and at certain festivals.




Here are examples of full body painting.

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Look: They Painted the Brazil Football team uniform on her body and got her up on the stage.

This gorgeous Brazilian girl has all the reasons to show off her amazing, perfect, sculptured body in the show. Every guy in the world want's to be his girl because she is fit, athletic, beautiful and talented. 

It's a game where a guy wears a blurry goggles and he needs to identify if the lady in his front is wearing something or not.

This girl whose body was painted with Brazilian football team uniform flaunts her beautiful smile and her gorgeous body. Her name is Andressa Ferreira and she's a Brazilian team cheerleader.

Watch how the male audience react on this one. The video is in Portugues language but still enjoyable to watch.

Image and Video credit to: Ms. April Summers.

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