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From past three to four months news are coming on media about “BOKO HARAM”.  after hearing these news many people tried to find about Boko Haram.The real name of this organization is “Jammat ul ahl-e-Sunat o Aljehad” and Boko haram is used as nick name. In different provinces of African country Nigeria due to weak Government along with processes of social inequality and due to poverty in economically less satisfied the Muslims religious extremism is rising high. Boko Haram is a group of extremist Muslims. According to this extremist sect of radical thinking western values, thinking, reflection and education is forbidden.

Boko  Haram follows  strict doctrine of Islam that prohibits the participation of Muslims in any western-style political or social activities , including  wearing T-shirts, taking part in the elections or secular education. The history of this practice is older than more than one century. In the 19th century, sutuku caliphate ruled on northern Nigeria, Niger and southern Cameroon. In 1903, the British defeated the Caliphate sukutu and occupied areas, since that time campaign against western education is still continue. Many Muslims do not send their children western style in public schools. In these circumstances, a Muslim religious scholar Mohammad Yousuf led the foundation of Boko Haram in 2002. This movement is supported silent majority of Muslims of Nigeria and Nigeria's three largest districts are completely controlled by Boko Haram.

What does the word “Boko Haram” mean? These two words seem to be incompatible as one word is in Hausa language while second is Arabic word. in the local language “Hausa” of North Nigeria western system of education is known as Boko and Haram is Arabic word which means “Forbidden” so “Boko Haram” means "Western education is forbidden”. First, Boko Haram was the slogan of a few thousand Muslims of Nigeria but later on it became a movement. So now the "Boko Haram" is a slogan and as well as a movement just like other terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban and al-Shabab etc.

Boko Haram's interest was not limited to just education, its political goal was the establishment of an Islamic state. In 2009 Boko Haram attacked Mydugry police stations and government buildings and began to riot in the city.  Many Boko Haram supporters were killed and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to leave the city. Boko Haram began its activities on a small scale which involved in the escaping after attacks but when this group become valiant then they began to attack  churches, police, military and paramilitary personnel, including law enforcement agencies.

In April, armed members of Boko Haram in Nigeria chibok school girls abducted more than 200 after vandalizing the school girls were taken over the cargo truck. It has been said about kidnapped girls that girls have been sold in Chad. Abduction, conversion of religion, forced marriage, trafficking, sale and purchase, which is a long list of crimes connected with Boko Haram. According to them girls are a source of satisfaction for men and they would be the source of their sexual hunger. Every religion is based on respect for humanity, religion is devotion and also the code of ethics but terrorist organizations use the religion as shield to hide their crimes. Their aim is to destroy world peace. They sell human to buy arms and ammunition and then they play with people's beliefs. Boko Haram is telling all the rules of extremism in detail.The reason to hate education is that they are afraid of consciousness, They are traders of fear. Human lives are only source of income for them. Such organization and so-called Muslims are defaming Islam.






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