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"Bones On a Blue Line" is episode fifteen of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, an earthquake causes a flood on the subway which washes up a dead body.


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Sweets on the Subway

This episode opens on the underground. Sweets is sitting in one of the carriages listening to something when the young man standing next to him gets a text message and sits down crying. Sweets asks if he's okay, and he says he is - the text message says that, after 8 years, he's cancer free. The young man is happy; those were tears of happiness.


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An Earthquake in Washington

Brennan is with Booth and a journalist in a restaurant, the latter having come over from Japan to interview Brennan about her book, when the room starts shaking. Washington isn't known for earthquakes, although they have happened in the past. Which, of course, Brennan knows. The Jeffersonian also is shaking and the tremors affect the train that Sweets is on. A water main broke in the station they are pulling into (which was closed for construction) and a skeletal body washes up against the window of Sweets' carriage. Which is unusual. The carriage is knocked against the station by the water and the young man Sweets was taking to is thrown against one of the metal poles, which impacts on his head, killing him. This affects Sweets quite badly (and that was the only fatality of the earthquake). Brennan and Booth go to the scene - accompanied by the journalist. Who keeps accompanying them throughout. And continues making assumptions that the relationships and people in the books are definitely based on real life. There are similarities of course. There are also references to Brennan's book throughout. Brennan thinks that the book is purely about forensics; the readers do not, it seems, and the journalist spends a lot of time concentrating on the characters' intimate relationships, particularly the one between the scientist and the agent. Brennan is concerned because everyone is concentrating on the relationships, not the facts.

The Death of a Professional Letter Writer

The body has been dead at least a week and has been dined on by wild animals. In the underground, that's probably rats (Daisy is back again assisting, having given a much better impression in "The Night at the Bones Museum" than during her previous attempts as an intern). The dead man has a tooth implanted surgically in him, part of a very rare procedure intended to fix blindness. There is also blue in the corpse. Apparently from a bullet he was shot with. Bullets are not normally blue. He was also a professional letter writer. However, he also wrote a letter of complaint personally about a sandwich franchise and received a death threat in return. The former franchisee has a definite grudge against the dead man, but he's a little too obvious.


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Sweets is Re-evaluating His Life

Sweets' experience with the dead man dying in his arms is causing him to re-evaluate his life. His behaviour is concerning Daisy too. It's not what she thinks.

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