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"Harbingers in the Fountain" is episode one of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a psychic says that there are bodies buried beneath a fountain - and there are.

The Story So Far

The, rather weird - it was a dream episode essentially, a bit early in the series to be having something like that - season four finale, "The End in the Beginning", ended with Booth waking up from a coma. The operation to remove his tumour started at the end of "The Critic in the Cabernet" had gone successfully, but he had a bad reaction to the medication, sending him into a coma. When he woke up, he didn't seem to recognise Brennan.


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A Psychic Reading for Brennan

This episode opens with Brennan having her Tarot read by Angela's psychic (played by Cyndi Lauper!). Brennan has just arrived back in the U.S. from Guatemala, but the psychic is doing a pretty good job of reading things.

Side Effects from Booth's Coma

Booth is being interviewed by Sweets. After Booth regained consciousness, he wasn't too sure on what reality was - he did know Brennan, but thought she was his wife - and it's been six weeks since then. Sweets is finally certifying him as fit to go back on duty, although it appears that Booth hasn't quite recovered everything yet, and he's not quite behaving normally either. Booth also thinks he's still in love with Brennan, but is that another side effect of the coma?


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The Bodies Beneath the Fountain

Booth is waiting for Brennan in her office when she gets back to the Jeffersonian. During their meeting, Angela comes in and says that her psychic, Avalon, says there are bodies buried beneath a fountain. Neither Booth nor Brennan believes in psychics but Booth, having got a little bored after the past month and a half, wants to check it out anyway. Using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) around the fountain in question does reveal bodies, and not long-dead ones either. Although they have been there for about a decade, since the fountain was renovated.

Psychic Powers - For Real?

The question is how Avalon knew that there were bodies - 12 in all - under the fountain. The obvious answer is that she was involved in the murders in some way, but she manages to practically convince Sweets that she has genuine powers. The bodies range hugely in age, sex and race. One of the skulls, when facially reconstructed, matches Avalon. She says it's her sister. Which gives her a connection to the bodies.


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Money is the Motive?

The twelve bodies belonged to a group called Harbingers of a New Day, who were going to live in a secret undersea facility. Yet ended up under a fountain. They had also shelled out a lot of money. Perhaps it was a con, and the con man, or woman, killed them to hide it. Both sisters were members of the cult, but Avalon was kicked out.

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