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"Intern in the Incinerator" is episode six of season three of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.


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Very Inappropriate Incinerator Waste

This episode opens with a couple of maintenance guys checking out an alarm at the incinerator of the Jeffersonian. Inside the incinerator is inappropriate waste, which they expected, but not the type of inappropriate waste expected - it's a rather well done corpse. Given the visitor log, both the victim and the killer probably worked at the Jeffersonian.


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Angela Recognises the Victim

The corpse is female and Angela is ready to do a facial reconstruction, but neither Cam nor Brennan are ready for that stage yet. When Angela looks at the skull, she sees it get a face (not anything spooky; she does reconstruct a face from the skull in her head). Although she doesn't admit this immediately. Angela's actually identified the victim, because she knew her. The victim's an intern at the Jeffersonian who was simply there to make her father, a former scientist at the Jeffersonian, happy. She was also apparently seeing someone at the Jeffersonian, a married man. Angela is a bit freaked out because, not only did she know the victim, she probably knows the killer as well. The father was essentially fired from the Jeffersonian by the big boss, Bancroft.


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A $75,000 Fellowship Prize

The intern was part of a department that authenticated items for collectors and other museums. She was also the front runner in a competition with a $75K fellowship prize for the winner. Which would be an incentive for murder. They were working on anti-Freemason items from the Gormogon vault from "Widow's Son in the Windshield".


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Multiple Motives for Murder

Booth and Brennan then see what appears to be a body falling from the top floor. It's actually a dummy that Hodgins and Zack had thrown off the floor as a test to see what injuries the intern would have got from falling into the incinerator. They have also been surrounded by security as a result. She was dead before she was put into the incinerator, as she had been stabbed to death. Everyone but Booth is jumping to the conclusion that the Gormogon vault was connected to the intern's death. She would also appear to have been killed in the workroom belonging to the married man she was seeing. He may be a bit of a jerk, but he's found a little too quickly though. Even though he would have a motive, because his rich wife would leave him if she found out about the affair. He really doesn't seem like a murderer. Especially when he ends up dead, with something from the vault, even though he confessed to the murder.


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Is the Gormogon Killer Involved?

Is this linked to the serial killer, now nicknamed Gormogon? Or is Booth right and it's completely unrelated? Something weird is going on.


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Personal Matters Again

Cam wants Booth to come to her father's 60th birthday and pretend to be her boyfriend. This gets messy.

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