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"Judas on a Pole" is episode eleven of season two of Bones, the forensic drama series based on the books by Kathy Reichs.


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The Murder

This episode opens with the sound of a gunshot and then a man falls to the floor. A hooded figure messes around with the man, ties him to a pole, douses him in some liquid and then sets him on fire.


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Defending a Dissertation

Brennan's grad student Zack is in front of the committee defending his doctoral dissertation (it may not be going well) when Booth comes in. Brennan is on the committee and Booth drags her off to examine the dead man on a pole.


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The Crime Scene

The man had his guts spilled and was torched on the roof of a hotel where the FBI used to hide informers. Booth says that this shows that the man is a snitch. The man has a piece of paper inside his mouth and a coin.

The paper has the dead man's name on it - which proves to be accurate - and was a former FBI agent now working in the private sector. Also there is a letter from another FBI agent who states that he will not frame an innocent man - a civil rights activist - simply because he is a liability. The FBI agent was murdered in the seventies, and the civil rights activist he was refusing to frame was sent to prison for his murder. Which is perhaps too much of a coincidence.


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Russ is in Town

Brennan's brother Russ is in town, saying that he got a message from their father saying that they were in danger. Russ feels that someone is following him. At the former FBI agent's home is a wall with pictures of Russ, and what Booth says are sight lines for killing him. Russ was right to be worried.

The FBI agent murdered in the seventies was investigating a task force that was assembled to arrest some bank robbers but who had started working with them instead. His widow says that the FBI murdered her husband and told her to keep quiet or she wouldn't get his death benefits. The agent stored the details of his investigation in a safe deposit box at a bank that was robbed by Brennan's parents a few dies after his murder.


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It Looks Like a Frame Job

So far, it looks like the task force murdered the agent investigating them and pinned the blame on someone they wanted to see in prison. It also looks like Brennan's father may have killed and torched the former FBI agent. As a warning. They may be able to release an innocent man from jail. Brennan's investigation into her father may have triggered this.


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A Body Needs Exhuming

The body of the FBI agent who was murdered in the seventies needs exhuming to see if he died the way it was said he died. The FBI, other parts of the FBI, want to prevent this, and want to do the autopsy themselves. It's looking as if someone still in the FBI is trying to cover things up. And there are definitely problems with the original autopsy.


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There are Dangerous People Involved

The result causes problems for Booth with the FBI. So they need to find who actually killed the FBI agent. It seems some people really aren't happy about the truth being known. And these are dangerous people.

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