Bones Season 5 Episode List

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Bones is the crime drama show in America, which is being aired on the fox network. It started its first show in the year 2005. It is one of the hottest favorite shows all across America and other places. The show focuses on the FBI and the works which they do. It focuses on the forensic department and the work which they do over the remains which are brought in by the FBI team. 

The Bones Season 5 Episode List comprised of total 22 episodes. The fifth season of the bones started in September 2009 and ended in may 2010. The first episode was “Harbingers in a fountain”, in this first episode of the season 5 is the story of a mass grave underneath a fountain. Next was: “the bond in the boot” where a diamond carrier is killed. The third episode, “The plain in the prodigy” in this the FBI investigates about a pianist who gets killed. Next is “The beautiful day in the neighborhood” this episode is all about the remains found in a block part. Next is the “A night at the bones museum” this story tells about the remains which were found on an electrical fence which is later found to be a mummy, and then curator is also murdered. The 6th is “the tough man in the tender chicken” 7th is the “The dwarf in the dirt”, 8th “the foot in the foreclosure”, 9th “the gamer in the grease”, 10th “the goop on the girl”, 11th “the X in the file” ,12th “the proof in the pudding”, 13th “the dentist in the ditch” 14th “the devil in the details”, 15th “the bones on a blue line, 16th “the parts in the sum of the sum of the whole”, this was the 100th episode of the bones series. Next was “the death of the queen bee” , 18th “the predator in the pool”, 19th “the rocker in the rinse cycle” 20th “ the witch in the wardrobe”, 21st “the boy with the answer” and the last episode of the bones season 5 is “ the beginning in the end” 


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