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Bones - Couples Counselling for Secret in the Soil

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"Secret in the Soil" is episode four of season three of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.


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Booth and Brennan - Seeing a Psychotherapist

This episode opens with Booth and Brennan in a psychotherapist's office on a Saturday night. The therapist is very young and is, as a result, getting very little respect from Booth. Brennan doesn't hold his age against him - instead, she doesn't believe in his profession. The therapy is mandated by the FBI, following Booth's arrest of Brennan's father in "Stargazer in a Puddle", to see whether they can still work together.


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To the Crime Scene!

Following this they get called out to a crime scene at an abandoned Veterans Administration hospital where a courting couple stumbled over a body. The body is very decayed, but unusually warm. Very warm in fact - it has been cooked.


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An Obvious Suspect - Too Obvious?

The body is that of an organic farmer who went from a roadside stall to a national operation of supermarkets. He also had a habit of, should a farmer refuse to go organic, forcing them off the land, which didn't make him as popular as his wife made out. The latest person, a tobacco farmer, that the deceased was going after is not exactly broken up by his death (making him an obvious suspect). Then there turns out to be evidence of a second body on the first. The wife of the tobacco farmer, when the search warrant is executed, tells Booth that the dead man was flirting with her, with his own wife present, and that her husband had a right temper when he found out. Making him an even more obvious suspect. Now, far too obvious.


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Stuck in a Compost Heap

None of the obvious suspects seem to have done it, although the wife of Frank, the dead man, becomes a rather bigger suspect when it turns out that her deceased husband had a habit of flirting with lots of married women. The body was also not cooked, but placed in a compost heap - a very large community one. And those things get pretty hot inside. The dead man was not popular with everyone involved in organic business either - some thought he was just in it for the money, not the cause. Hodgins gets really excited about rooting around in the giant compost heap. The other victim is a young woman, who appeared to have died prior to the farmer. There seem to be quite a few suspects, but none really seem obvious.


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Environmentalism and Therapy

Lots of talk about environmentalism, environmental impact and organic farming, as well as the test that Booth and Brennan's therapist assigned them, and their follow up meetings.

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