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"Spaceman in a Crater" is episode nineteen of season two of Bones, the forensic drama television series based on the loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.


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Death from Above

This episode opens with something falling out of the sky into a field. Booth and Brennan arrive and he asks her opinion. She suggests asking a geologist, but according to the farmer the state police didn't want anyone taking a closer look, because whatever caused the crater is meat. Meat wearing clothes.


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Impact Crater from a Dead Body

The crater appears to have been caused by a human. Although they take the opportunity to mock Hodgins regarding his belief in aliens. There's something weird about the body though; the bones show signs of extreme ageing. As in over 130 years old. There is an alternative, but that's also a bit odd - the body was in outer space. Hodgins doesn't sound so crazy now. However. if the deceased had actually fallen from space, he would have burned up. And his loafers would have fallen off. So maybe he's an astronaut. But one that would have required 10 months in space. Something that not many people have achieved.


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A Dead Astronaut

The man does seem to be that of a NASA astronaut, a colonel, who had spent enough time in space. However, it seems unlikely to have been something NASA-related. The colonel had also lost his medical clearance for space and the last day he was seen he was going to head out in his own plane. Said plane is still in the hanger. NASA is not being cooperative and the documents they provide on what he is working on are seriously redacted. Hodgins does see something in the files regarding his work; a supposed space telescope that needs far too much maintenance. Perhaps it's not pointing into space. The dead colonel was also training a replacement as his medical clearance was pulled. So how and why did he fall out of a plane? During the questioning, Booth and Brennan get to go on the Vomit Comet.

The Vomit Comet

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The Dead Man was Investigating UFO Sightings

The colonel had been talking to some people who investigate UFO sightings prior to his demise (and are planning to launch their own spaceships), who had offered him a position. Which is more than a little odd. The organisation is also very well funded and owns its own planes. The colonel had also approached them - it seems he had seen something on a mission. Said organisation says that NASA would rather kill the colonel than have him admit he'd seen aliens. He had also filed an official report with the agency. Brennan thinks it's more likely that he saw something classified which he wouldn't shut up about. Then a weird implant is found. The colonel was also desperate to get back into space. None of this seems to explain how he died.


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Personal Matters Once More

Hodgins is trying to get Angela to marry him. Apparently he isn't doing it right.

Guest Starring...

There's a guest appearance from Hawaii Five-0's Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri).

Bones Season 2 Trailer

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