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"The Beaver in the Otter" is episode twenty-four of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a college mascot is discovered to have a dead body inside it.


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The Body in the Mascot

A college is holding a rally at night prior to a game with another college. They have built a bonfire, got a cannon and hung the otter mascot of the other team over the fire. The mascot is pelted with various items, shot with the cannon and finally catches fire, whilst an old man who looks kind of dead sits in the bleachers. Finally, the mascot is shot and an actual body tumbles out of the shredded remains before catching fire.


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A Fraternity of Sociopaths?

It's assumed that the body in the mascot is that of a cadaver that was stolen from a medical lab by a fraternity. However, the cadaver is the old man in the bleachers. The body in the mascot is a member of the same fraternity that stole the cadaver, nicknamed Beaver. Brennan quickly comes to the assumption - reinforced throughout the episode, but disagreed with by Booth who was in one - that the fraternity is an association of sociopaths.

The Victim Was Already Dead When He Was Shot At

The dead Beaver had claimed to have slept with the girlfriend of the student who hosted the rally. Who also was the one who shot him, but he said that the gun was loaded with blanks. Whether or not this killed Beaver is uncertain to start with but is quickly shown not to be the cause of death. Actual cause of death is harder to pinpoint. The girlfriend said that Beaver had lied, though, so this needs proving, and it is quickly shown that this wasn't true. Whoever Beaver was sleeping with was a lot older. Beaver also was operating as a bookie. Which would perhaps be a motive for death. Beaver had also been hacking the university servers to get a chemistry test. There seem to be a few people with grudges against Beaver, but do any of them have reason to kill him?


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Hodgins and His Experiments

Hodgins wants to drop things to test for broken bones. Last time he did that, in "The Science in the Physicist", he accidentally hit Angela with a frozen chicken, so this time he wants to do the experiment without anyone else present. Cam is not happy with the idea.

Jared is Back

Booth's younger brother, Jared, has been dishonourably discharged from the Navy for what he did to help save Booth from the Gravedigger in "Hero in the Hold". Booth says that he will find him a job. Jared is not willing to listen, as he wants to travel across India on a motorcycle.

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