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"The Beginning in the End" is episode twenty-two of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs, and the season finale. In this episode, the body of a dead hoarder falls through the ceiling below and people are offered places around the globe.


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A Ceiling Collapse, Plus a Dead Body

A young boy is bouncing on his bed whilst white flakes drift around him. He tells his mother it's snowing, but she looks up and sees plaster flaking on the ceiling. Quickly urging him to get off the bed, he does so, and then the ceiling collapses on top of the bed. Followed by lots of other things. Followed by human remains. The mother is horrified; her son, rather less so.


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Oh So Many Suspects

The man in the apartment above was a hoarder. The landlord had been attempting to evict him for some time, due to complaints by neighbours, those in the rest of the building and even people passing on the street. The apartment is full of assorted junk, insects, rodents - including bats - and even snakes. Pretty much all of his neighbours are suspects, given what he was doing to the place, and the body appears to have been hacked to death. The apartment has more than a few blades in it as well.


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An Offer of Money

The dead man had started hoarding four years ago. This was around the time he left the exciting world of corporate accounting. He had started behaving oddly at work, taking home stuff that was rubbish, yet he was acting as if they were valuable. His work does not appear to have anything to do with his death. Someone had also, apparently, offered him a tidy sum of money for one of his possessions. Nothing is really adding up, but a hoarder would not be willing to sell anything.

Heading to Indonesia?

Brennan wants to go on an expedition to Indonesia (in the former Spice Islands) where they have found some very old remains. She is not exactly enthusiastic to find that she signed a letter of recommendation for Daisy that got her on the expedition. Brennan also feels that she needs some time away from murders; in the previous episode, "The Boy with the Answer", she said she was getting tired of what she was doing. Sweets - who proposed to "Bones On a Blue Line" - is also not entirely enthusiastic about Daisy going on the expedition. Without him.

The Changes Are Afoot

Booth is being pursued by a colonel in the U.S. Army Rangers - they want him to reenlist to go to Afghanistan to train new soldiers. Hodgins is worried because Angela's dad is around again - presumably he's heard that Hodgins and Angela got married in "The Witch in the Wardrobe".

Many changes are afoot.

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