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"The Bikini in the Soup" is episode fourteen of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the well-cooked corpse of a wedding planner is found in her sun bed.


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The Corpse in the Sun Bed

A woman, presumably the housekeeper, enters a house after using the alarm. She can smell something bad, and the kitchen is a mess. The house owner isn't answering, and the cleaner tracks down the owner to a sun bed, with one arm sticking out. The cleaner says she thinks the owner has been in the sun bed too long, as she's starting to smell sweaty. Sweaty is not the right word. Dead is the word. See, sun beds are dangerous!

It's Valentine's Day, So Surely It's an Accident?

The dead woman was a wedding planner and she looks pretty cooked. Into goo. Hodgins suggests that it's an accident, as the timer broke, and the woman simply cooked herself to death. Sun beds are hazardous after all. It's Valentine's Day and Cam has plans, so Hodgins suggest they simply wrap it up quickly. Booth says it looks like an accident, but he isn't willing to quickly wrap it up, although Hodgins puts his foot in his mouth when he mentions Booth's breakup with Hannah (in the previous episode, "The Daredevil in the Mold", Booth proposed. This did not go well).

Murder, Not an Accident

The woman has been dead for a day and a half to two days. Cam found the woman had some pills and alcohol, and probably died by accident. She really doesn't want her Valentine's Day plans ruined (the new, sharing, Clark is now himself giving out too much information). Brennan doesn't want to rule out murder and Clark finds a penetrating wounds on the dead woman's ribs. It's murder. Cam is not happy. She gives everyone 8 hours and 22 minutes to solve the murder. And rushes around a lot as a result.


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A Big Wedding With Problems

The wedding planner was working on a very big wedding which is that night. Her (overly dramatic) executive assistant had popped by the house the day before the body was discovered to pick something up and said the woman, Wendy, was not there. Of course, she was. Cooking. On Wendy's laptop is a message when it boots up, to be opened if she was dead. It shows the woman bearing injuries and says that if anything happened to her it was her husband. Wendy and her husband are separated, because they are were having problems related to the wedding thing, but the man says that Wendy meant her first husband, who she had filed restraining orders against and was the reason for the expensive alarm system. However, said husband is dead. Which makes him an unlikely murderer. The second husband said that the husband of the bride for the wedding Wendy was working on had problems with her going over budget. Neither the father of the bride nor the bride herself are terribly nice people. They might not be the killers though. So who did kill Wendy?


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Personal Matters for Valentine's Day

Hodgins is also thinking about Valentine's Day with Angela and asks Cam's advice. Then Clark's. Brennan keeps turning down Valentine's Day invitations. Angela suggests that Booth spend Valentine's Day with someone else who isn't doing anything. The whole team is working on Cam's deadline.

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