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"The Blackout in the Blizzard" is episode sixteen of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, Booth and Brennan get stuck in a lift and the Jeffersonian has to operate without power.

A Body Has Been Brought to the Jeffersonian

It's snowing in Washington and Booth, Brennan and Sweets are in the diner. Sweets wants the other two to talk about their partnership - which Booth doesn't want to do - when Brennan gets a call from Cam about a body that's been brought in that looks like a body dump. It hasn't been left in situ because of the weather. Cam wants them to come in early so they can spend a couple of hours on the case before heading home early.


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First, Take Some Stadium Seats Home

They are going to go in, but Booth has seen someone dumping some stadium seats on the pavement and convinces Brennan and Sweets to take 15 minutes putting them into his car. Which takes a lot longer and Booth and Brennan are both in his building's lift with the seats. Back at the lab, Hodgins discovered that the victim had Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever, although they aren't contagious. Cam calls Brennan again, and Wendell says the victim was murdered, face to face. Which means the murderer could have the disease, and be contagious. Which is bad (Hint: Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever).


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More Power!

At which point the power goes out at Booth's building, leaving Brennan and Booth stuck in the lift between floors, along with some cast iron stadium seats. It also goes out at the Jeffersonian too. So, in order to identify the victim, and then her killer, without any power, they are going to have to get creative.


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Stuck in a Lift with No Power

The emergency hatch in Booth's lift opens inwards, and is blocked by the stadium seats. Although Brennan is on Booth's shoulders trying to reach it when her phone rings (they still have service on those). Which results in them both landing on the lift's floor, injuring his back. Sweets considers that this is an excellent time to discuss Hannah, Booth and Brennan, as he thinks they should start therapy again. Booth does not appreciate this.

Time to Improvise

At the Jeffersonian, Hodgins and Wendell are improvising tests without electricity. Fortunately, they are in a museum full of old exhibits. Not that this always works. They need to identify the victim too, which is tricky without power. From the victim, to the killer, and then to stop the virus. This is not going to be easy. Brennan is consulting on the phone. Phones also have limited batteries.

Waiting for Results

Hodgins and Angela are concerned about some test results they are waiting for regarding their baby. Hodgins is still waiting for his results; he may have a phone, but the results are on computer. And not one with a battery.

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