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"The Blonde in the Game" is episode four of season two of Bones, the forensic drama series based on the books by Kathy Reichs.


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The Crime Scene

This episode opens with Brennan and Booth in a forest (or perhaps a national park) going to see a body that was discovered by a hiker's dog. They can't quite get close to the body; the dog - which appears to be a Doberman - has a skeletised arm in his mouth and doesn't want anyone to steal the nice bones he's found. Brennan's option is for Booth to shoot the dog. Not fatally, just to wing it, to stop it from compromising the crime scene anymore. Booth refuses to do that, so she throws a pinecone and the dog runs after it. Still holding the arm, but away from the rest of the body.


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The Victim

The body is of a teenage girl who was struck with something, a tyre iron it's thought. She was also buried face down 7-10 years ago and apparently bound and her mouth taped. The description means something to everyone but Cam - it matches the method of serial killer Howard Epps from "The Man on Death Row". Given that last time she saw him, Brennan broke Epps' wrist, Cam suggests that Booth not take her to the prison. Epps, it seems, was expecting Booth.


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The Serial Killer

Epps says that Booth has everything they need to win the game, and to come back, with Brennan, when she figures it out. One of the bones buried with the body belongs to another body. So she does need to go and see Epps. In the last year, Epps has gained a wife. Booth is pleasant to her; Brennan calls her crazy to her face. Booth points out that they may need Mrs. Epps.

The really creepy Epps is definitely playing a game. Brennan and Zack have a discussion about game theory, and Booth then starts playing after getting advice from Zack. The question is what game is Epps playing, and what is he after?


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The Planted Evidence

The planted bone leads to a body that has only been dead a week - and Epps has been in prison for seven years. So there would appear to be someone working on the outside, for Epps cannot be the killer. The body, which has been tortured, leads to Epps' wife. Is she an accomplice or just a patsy? There's also a necklace with the latest body that doesn't seem to belong to her. It belongs to another girl, one who has been missing for three days, which means the latest victim may still be alive.


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The Missing

If they want to find her alive, it looks like they are going to really have to play Epps' game in order to beat him. He also seems to be fascinated with Brennan and is trying to get to her.

Brennan and Cam are getting along better after the previous episode, "The Boy in the Shroud"; Brennan admitted that she has problems with control and Cam realised that she was too good to lose.

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