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"The Bod in the Pod" is episode seven of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a body in a strange sealed pod is washed up on a beach.


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Is It Human?

A garbage barge capsized during a hurricane and lots of vile stuff has washed up on the beach. Brennan, Booth and Hodgins were called out because of a strange pod that has washed up with the rest of the rubbish. It's transparent, to a degree, and there's a body inside. The pod is completely sealed with no openings (and Hodgins thinks it might be a pod person, so asks if the body is human, when Brennan scans the pod and says the remains inside are male).

Weird Stuff is Hodgins' Area of Expertise

Before they can examine the body, they need to get it out of the pod. Mr. Vaziri seems to be a fan of pod people as well, and gets some of Hodgins' references. Which pleases Hodgins. Mr. Vaziri wants Hodgins' help, because the pod is weird stuff, and weird stuff is Hodgins' area. Mr. Vaziri's is bones. So, out comes the laser and the pod is cut open. Hodgins decides to take a sniff of the inside of the pod. Then passes out. Only for 52 seconds though. Fortunately, all that caused it was CO2 created by the body fermenting inside a sealed airless pod. Brennan is not sympathetic.

Pod from Plastic

The body had all of its teeth knocked out and, according to Hodgins, was then wrapped in plastic. On the garbage barge, it was exposed to direct sunlight, which caused the plastic to expand and the decomposition products from the body caused the plastic to harden.


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A Dead Crime Scene Clean Up Specialist - Called Lucky

Sweets suggests a mob hit and trace evidence traces back to a lumber place. One of the people there thinks it was someone called Lucky, a customer and crime scene clean up specialist. The woman they speak too gets rather upset about the death of a customer. Lucky was also married and claimed that he was leaving his unstable, dangerous wife. Brennan does not consider this to be likely. The wife had no illusions about her husband and how he behaved with other women, because she dated him whilst he was married to another woman. She did care about him, especially because of how well Lucky treated her son.

Cheating - Perhaps a too Obvious Motive

Cheating is an obvious motive for murder, but perhaps it's too obvious. Crime scene clean up tools seem like the murder weapon. And if the crime scene was cleaned up by an expert in cleaning up crime scenes, then there probably won't be much evidence. Brennan goes with her gut.


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Personal Matters

Angela has been getting text messages from Cam's ex, the gynaecologist - she has apparently split up with him and is now seeing someone else. Who she is keeping secret. Mr. Vaziri is after $200 that payroll apparently owes him. He needs it for a special dinner. Sweets is still living with Booth and Brennan. They don't talk shop in the house though, and Sweets keep bringing work up.

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