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"The Bodies in the Book" is episode fifteen of season two of Bones, the forensic drama series based on the books by Kathy Reichs.


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Brennan's Latest Novel

Brennan is in bed with Sully when she gets a call from her publicist regarding Brennan's latest book, which is doing well. When Brennan finally arrives at the Jeffersonian, the publicist has an assistant with her, Hank, whose behaviour practically screams creepy fan with problems (perhaps too loudly). Booth says that they have a case, a body at the marina, and comments on that it's a bit weird, because the first murder in her latest book - which he has read - had the body found at the marina.


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The Crime Scene - A Body at the Marina

It then turns out that the body was fastened to an anchor chain - also like the book - and fastened with red tape. Identical to the book. So far, a bit too much of a coincidence. Especially as the dead person was shot as well, like in the book. Someone would appear to be copying the murders from Brennan's book. Booth is a bit concerned and so is Sully, who gets himself on the case.


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The First Suspect Has an Alibi

The brother-in-law of the dead body looked like a good suspect; the wife was being abused by her husband and her brother knew it, but his alibi checks out. This murder is the first of three in the book, and all the bodies have been fed to animals. Crabs, for the anchor man. Then another body turns up in a pen full of rats, tied with red tape. Again, just like the book. The victimology is different though; the victims in the book were corrupt politicians(and red tape is often associated with politics). So far, the real ones are a travelling salesman and a socialite. There's a potential third victim out there as well. Brennan does seem to be affected by the murders; she may be feeling responsible. Sully's protectiveness also causes friction. Angela gives Brennan some advice on the subject of her relationship with Sully. Booth also gets in the middle of it, much to his discomfort.


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A Weird, Fiction-Inspired Serial Killer?

The second victim's obvious suspect also has an alibi. Then there's an obsessive fan. Brennan's stalker, Oliver, who hasn't been seen in a while (since the first series episode, "The Boy in the Tree"). Oliver has lots of figures bound with red tape dangling from the ceiling of his apartment. Which really does look suspicious, but it's probably not him. No matter how creepy he is. The dead don't seem to have anything in common, or reason for one person to kill them. So, that would suggest a weird serial killer. The third victim is not a surprise when they turn up - covered in fire ants.


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Twists - Or Perhaps Not

Despite the twists and turns, the end result is also not a surprise either. Which is never a good sign, if the actual killer turns out to be too obvious.

Bones Season 2 Trailer

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