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"The Bond in the Boot" is episode two of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a man appears to have been living out a James Bond fantasy.


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The Name is Bond, James Bond?

This episode opens with a plane departing at night and a man watching it leave. The man has a briefcase handcuffed to his arm. Behind him, another man pulls out a silenced pistol and approaches. The first man takes out a knife and whips around, but is shot and collapses. His killer tries to remove the briefcase, then severs the hand with the owner's knife when this fails. This all looks and sounds very James Bond - then the killer departs in a silver Aston Martin, which is fired upon and drives over the body.

What Was in the Briefcase?

The dead man is found two days later, having been dined on by feral cats. There's not a lot of flesh left. He turns out to be a Russian diamond courier, but one who went through diplomatic channels, even though the State Department never issued a diplomatic pass. The State Department is concerned about what was in the briefcase. His firm said that he was supposed to be carrying $2 million in diamonds, but that there was no reason for him to go through diplomatic channels.


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A Bond Fantasy, Or More to It?

The  'Casino Royale' silver Aston Martin is discovered, having been rented by a credit card issued by Universal Exports. Which company being one used as a front by MI6 in the Bond books and films (although this isn't mentioned). In the boot of the car is another body - and a silenced Walther PPK. Bond's gun. This victim has a CIA card. It's definitely looking very Bond-ish - which is probably why the British 'boot' is used rather than the American 'trunk.' The dead CIA man wasn't actually an agent but actually an analyst, and according to the CIA, not a very good one. The CIA says that they didn't even have him working on anything involving the dead courier. Said analyst seems to have been living out a Bond fantasy, although it seems it was a fantasy based in fact.


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Personal and Money Matters

Wendell Bray's scholarship has been cancelled, as the foundation that was funding it is a bit short of cash. Which will mean he can no longer be an intern. Coincidentally, Brennan has also received a large sum of money from her publisher. This is probably going to link up. Wendell isn't immediately told and everyone else starts acting weird around him. Booth is also trying to relearn plumbing, a skill he has forgotten since his coma.

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