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"The Bones that Foam" is episode sixteen of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a body is discovered by a bridge and groom, and the remains behave rather oddly.


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Not a Great Wedding

This episode opens with a wedding party on the edge of a cliff watching a wedding being held on a hot air balloon. From which the couple bungee jump after they are married. On the rocky shore below them is a rather badly damaged corpse. Which they bounce close to again and again. Perhaps they should have gone the normal wedding route. The corpse on the rocks at the bottom of the cliff was thrown off the cliff after he was dead.

Green Foam from the Bones

The body is rather worse for wear having been snacked on by quite a few local life forms. The body has only been dead for two to five days, according to Hodgins. Cam says that, going by the decomp, it has been dead far longer. Trivia fan Mr Nigel-Murray points out the corpse's skin is moving. No-one has seen anything like the movement. Apart from Hodgins. In Alien. Inside the body is odd green foam, so Cam puts the place in lockdown. More foam bubbles from the body. This is disturbing and not exactly normal. Maybe Hodgins was on to something.


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The Dead Man was a Used Car Salesman - Say No More?

Until the foam can be identified, they can't properly examine the body. Both Brennan and Hodgins want more samples. Cam would quite like everyone to stay alive as a priority. And to stop bothering her until they can have access to the remains, so suggests that Brennan accompany Booth to the deceased's brother. He works as a salesmen at a rather unusual car dealership, as did the dead man until two weeks previously. Brennan is still lacking in sensitivity. The salesman was very good at his job, but was fired after he got into an argument with his boss about recent performance and shoved the latter's monkey off his shoulder and went to work for another dealership across the road. Said dealership had a customer who was less than impressed when he was sold a car whose brakes failed 10 miles after buying it, injuring his young son.


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The Evidence is Dissolving

Back in the isolation tank, the bones of the corpse are continuing to foam. Neither Cam's nor Hodgins' tests are showing any signs of toxins, so they crack open the iso tank. The bones of the body are deteriorating rapidly, from whatever the heck the weird foam is, and the evidence will rather quickly deteriorate so much that it is gone. The foam also turns out to be flammable. This is not discovered intentionally. It's still not known what the foam is. The evidence is also quickly dissolving. Trying to determine the cause of death and stopping the victim from dissolving proves tricky. As does tracking down a motive.

Brennan Wants to Learn How to Connect with People

Brennan asks Sweets to teach her how to connect with people like Booth does. Sweets is not certain this is possible. It does lead to a fairly uncomfortable situation at a strip club for Booth when Brennan says she enjoys watching.

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