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"The Boy with the Answer" is episode twenty-one of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the Gravedigger is being put on trial.


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Nightmares About the Gravedigger

Brennan is running through somewhere when she hears Hodgins calling out for help. She reaches him, but he is taken away. Next she sees Booth in a sealed compartment with water coming in. Then someone grabs Brennan from behind, and Brennan herself is trapped in a glass coffin with the Gravedigger shovelling earth onto her. This, as could be told by the way things were shot, was a dream. Well, nightmare is perhaps a better term. The reason for it is the trial of the Gravedigger is beginning, as she was captured in "The Hero in the Hold" (not one of the people I suspected, but they turned out to be dead). There is a bit on the news about one of the Gravedigger's victims, a ten year old boy who has never been found. Given the title, is this foreshadowing? Booth, Brennan and Hodgins are all testifying.


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The Case Against the Gravedigger Proves to be Shaky

Max is attending as well; he warns Brennan that this isn't a slam-dunk case. The Gravedigger, as a former federal prosecutor, is representing herself. She says that the evidence found in the storage locker should be tossed out, as it wasn't obtained legally. And it is thrown out. Which severely damages the case, and the Gravedigger asks that it be dismissed. Caroline says she wishes to continue with a full trial. The Gravedigger is looking pretty smug and makes a gloating remark about being unable to find a number to Brennan. So the Jeffersonian team looks into this. They need something else to convict the Gravedigger, but they are struggling.

A Conflict of Interest

Weirdly, the phone call the Gravedigger made was to a pizza place in Salt Lake City. Angela links the number to the still-missing ten year old boy and a GPS location. This leads to a buried freezer, in which is the body of the boy. So, why did the Gravedigger lead them to the body? Because Brennan and Hodgins are victims, so they cannot be expert witnesses as well. Which means that they can't examine the body. So Brennan suggest that hers and Hodgins' case be dropped, so that they can work on that of the boy. Hodgins is not happy, but he does agree.


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The Gravedigger Wants Everyone to Drop their Cases Against Her

Booth also requests that his charges be dropped as well, so that he can work on the case too. Which means that if they fail to get the Gravedigger for the death of the boy, she will never be tried again and will walk away free (which might admittedly result in Max killing her, going by previous history). Which may be what she is after. The first things found out mean that this case does not fully match the methodology of the other murders. The case is not going well, as the Gravedigger proves extremely adept at defending herself, and everyone is being affected by this. Max asks Booth if he knows that the Gravedigger is playing them all, and nearly takes matters into his own hands.

Bones - The Boy with the Answer

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