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"The Change in the Game" is episode twenty-three of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs, and the season finale. In this episode, a body is found mangled in the machinery of a bowling alley and there's a surprise at the end.


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What's the Worst that Could Happen?

It's a child's birthday party at a bowling alley and he's being an obnoxious pain. The pins aren't resetting on the lane. The boy gets warned that he doesn't want to know what happens to boys who don't behave at bowling alleys, even if it's their birthday. The boy demands what they can do to him as he's the birthday boy. When the lane is reset, he starts screaming that he'll behave instead. There's the remains of a dead body amongst the pins. Sometimes it's best not to demand to know what could happen.

Not a Religious Motion

The bowling alley had been closed for a while and had only just reopened. The dead man had been dead for some time before he fell into the pin mechanism. He also has defensive wounds. Wendell, when examining the remains, finds that there is a sign of a repetitive motion, perhaps an offering to the sun. Hodgins agrees, and they start duplicating the motion. It takes Angela to point out that they are bowling.

The Man Was on Max's Bowling Team - Max Has Promised Not to Kill Any More People

The dead man was a successful bowler - and it turns out that his team is the one that Brennan's father, Max, plays on. Booth hopes this means that Max is not the murderer, and Sweets says that he thought that Max had promised not to do that any more. Which is a weird promise if you think about it. Booth says that, if Max didn't kill they victim, he might be able to help them catch the actual murderer.


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Going Undercover as Bowlers

Max is currently in a wheelchair - he fell off his bed. There was someone else injured at the same time. Max says that the dead man was not that well liked, and suggests that a poor loser might have killed him. Just that the loser was not Max. There is also a tournament going on, and Max says that the rest of the team will not talk - and that Booth could go undercover on the team as Max's replacement. The bowlers may not be willing to talk, but they do gossip. Booth suggests that Brennan can play the part of his girlfriend. Max finds their current reactions to each other odd (their relationship may have changed after the previous episode, "The Hole in the Heart").

Death By Broken Nose

With Booth and Brennan - or Buck and Wanda - undercover on the bowling team the others figure out the cause of death. Which turns out to be a broken nose. Unusually, the dead man actually was killed by having bone fragments from his nose driven into his brain - an idea that crops up a lot in fiction but is probably not as easy as it is made out.

An Angry Fellow Bowler

The dead man was replaced on his team by someone who is clearly terrible. Another bowler, who is a lot better, is a rather young and rather angry girl.


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Inducing Labour with Habanero Sauce

Angela and Hodgins' baby is now a couple of days overdue. So Angela is attempting to induce labour with habanero sauce. So much so that Hodgins starts choking. She really wants to induce labour.

A Touch of Lightness

Generally a rather lighter episode, perhaps to contrast against the grim happenings of the previous one (damn it, Mr. Nigel-Murray was my favourite intern!). With a heck of a surprise at the end.

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