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"The Crack in the Code" is episode six of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, human remains are found on a statue of Abraham Lincoln and there's a connection to some crimes that were ignored.


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The Skull on the Statue

A tour guide is showing a number of other, trainee, tour guides around a museum when they notice something behind her. There is a statue of Abraham Lincoln on a plinth. On the statue is written 'Where is the rest of me?' in red. On the plinth is a human skull and spine.

Multiple Victims?

When Brennan examines the spine, she says that it has been taken apart and then sewn back together. Both Brennan and Cam say that this requires a lot of skill. When Cam examines the string that sewed the spine back together she gets the answer she expected - the string is made from human gut. According to Wendell, the blood came from five different people. None of which were the obvious victim.


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Blood from FBI Agents

Angela does a facial reconstruction of the skull but there is no match in the missing persons database. The DNA of the five sources of blood is quickly found - they are all FBI agents at the Washington field office. All of whom are actually alive; the blood came from an FBI blood drive.

An Experienced Killer

Both Booth and Sweets are concerned. The killer is obviously highly intelligent, dangerous and is trying to make a point - and is also probably experienced. At killing. The spine has been reassembled to make a code; the killer is sending a message with it. The CCTV camera at the museum was disabled with a laser pointer; Booth finds it and it's a hand-constructed one. Which would look to confirm the killer's intelligence. It would seem that the killer has a major hate on for the FBI. There's a hacker who looks promising, but he is under house arrest and isn't allowed access to computers or the internet.

Revealing Some Hidden Crimes

There's a reporter who is on the case as well who has a source that seems more than a little clued up and always seems to be a step ahead. The killer appears to be drawing attention to some crimes that were shoved under the rug by the FBI. They have gone about this in a rather brutal way though and they are really, really good with computers.


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Looking for a House

Booth and Brennan are still looking for a house. Brennan is due in only a few weeks and they aren't having much luck finding a house that has everything they want. Sweets provides some input deciphering real estate listings.

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