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"The Death of the Queen Bee" is episode seventeen of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, someone is found dead near Brennan's old high school, and she and Booth go to her high school reunion undercover.


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The Human Skull in the Barn

Two high school girls - inspired by the Katy Perry song "I Kissed a Girl" - are in a barn making out at night when they hear something. Then a rotting human skull rushes at them out of the darkness.

Brennan's Old High School

The skull was being eaten at the time. Booth and Brennan arrive at the scene, and the girls are from Brennan's old high school, Burtonsville. The sheriff - who unsubtly flirts with Booth - was Brennan's old chemistry partner. Said sheriff doesn't recognise Brennan immediately - when she does, it's as the 'creepy girl.'


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The Butcher of Burtonsville

In the woods nearby is more of the remains of the dead female that the skull was attached to - with the ribs missing. There's an urban legend of the area, relating to the Butcher of Burtonsville, dating back several decades, with the butcher cooking and eating the ribs from his victims. There is, up until now, only one definitely known victim, who was in Brennan's year at school. It's also that year's reunion at the moment, which seems unlikely to be a coincidence.

Going Undercover to a High School Reunion

Booth and Brennan decide to go undercover as a married couple to the reunion, and to keep the murder secret for the time being - Brennan hadn't wanted to go, as she found high school unpleasant; Booth, after Brennan explained how she was, did not find it a surprise that she was not popular.


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The Prime Suspect - Freddy Krueger?

At the time of the first murder, the school's creepy caretaker, Mr. Buxley, was the prime suspect, and Brennan's only friend. Sweets describes the thing as like a teen slasher movie, and says that the caretaker is Freddy levels of creepy. Given that Mr Buxley is played by Robert Englund, who is most famous for playing Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street films, he seems much, much too obvious to be truly guilty.

Brennan Knew the Victim

Brennan quickly identifies the body as belonging to the 'Queen Bee' of her year by the victim's broken jaw - because Brennan was the one who broke it back in high school, with a tennis racket during a game of doubles. By accident, although most thought it was deliberate. Booth suggests that it might have been subconsciously deliberate. One of Brennan's classmates was dating the first victim when she was murdered, and is the husband of the current victim. Which is a definite connection but also seems a little obvious.

Far Too Obvious

Brennan is happy to see her friend Mr. Buxley again, but Booth is rather more suspicious of his habit of hanging around in dark places and suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Which is still much too obvious for him to be the killer.

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