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"The Doctor in the Den" is episode eighteen of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode the body of a man that Cam lived with in the past is found half-eaten by a tiger.


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The Half-Eaten Corpse in the Tiger

This episode opens with a jeep driving through a wildlife park. It's got two park employees in it, and they are checking on a tiger. She hasn't eaten the food left for her for two days, and they are worried for her health. Then, they notice that the reason the tiger isn't eating the food is that she is has been eating a human body. At that point they become concerned for their own health.

Cam Knew the Victim

The body is quickly identified, which comes as a shock for Cam - it's a doctor she lived with for two years, albeit a decade previously. Because Cam knew the man, and his daughter, who she basically mothered for two years, she decides that she must tell said daughter - now 16 - herself. The daughter does not seem to have any memory of Cam (there is more to it than that), and this does not go that well. With Cam's need for personal involvement, Booth asks Brennan to stay in the lab and let Cam help work the case with him. The doctor was not killed by the tiger, but murdered. He was last seen at a hospital benefit being held at the wildlife park. Perhaps someone thought to dispose of the corpse by feeding it to the tiger.

Hypnotising a Suspect

The first suspect is a man who originally filed a malpractice suit against the doctor and had a restraining order filed against him. He seems unlikely, but he saw the doctor getting into it with a woman. He can't remember the woman, so Sweets decides to hypnotise him. Which gets a bit odd.


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More Suspects, but No Obvious Ones

There are other potential suspects but none seem to pop up as obvious ones. It also looks like whoever killed the doctor may have tried to save him as well. Which would have required medical training.


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Personal Matters Again - Poor Clark

Clark is back, because Brennan promised him no drama. Angela, who split with Roxy in the previous episode, "The Salt in the Wounds" (it seems the suggestion to get a dog was a bit too far), is following Sweets' advice to remain celibate for six months to work on her relationships (this for a woman who said that six weeks was a long time to go without). Unfortunately, this celibacy is making itself known in her libido. Clark's desire for pure professionalism may not come to pass. Especially when Angela takes a shine to him.

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