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"The Don't in the Do" is episode nine of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a dead hairstylist is found on a garbage tip and everything that took a bit of him is dead too.


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Dead Blue Seagulls from the Sky

This episode opens on a muddy field where a pastor is planning to build a new church. More than that, the field is actually part of a garbage tip. Then seagulls, who are partly blue, start dropping from the sky, by the looks of it dead. Eventually, the pastor and the congregation panic and run away.

Killed by Someone they Ate

At the scene, the birds are definitely dead. They are dead from eating the victim. Said victim shows signs of being partially torched, presumably the blue came from a liquid that was supposed to be an accelerant, and there are more dead animals; rats and more. Everything that took a bite of the victim died.


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A Full-Service Hairstylist

The dead man is a hairstylist at a high end salon in Georgetown (which might not be so high end by the end of the episode). Three of his clients had reported him missing. The picture of the dead man shows a lot of hair. The corpse did not. According to the three when they come in - who were really enthusiastic about the dead man, Santiago - he had also apparently had a problem with another client. Santiago also had a bit of a problem with another stylist. The assumption about Santiago is that he was giving a really full service to his clients. It seems that was true. The other woman said that Santiago owed money for drugs, and that being high was the only reason he was sleeping with the other women.


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The Dead Man Was Scalped

The skeleton is very badly damaged, making it difficult to see what the original injuries were. Mr. Vaziri has an idea to remove the animal damage, with the help of Angela's computer, which works. Santiago had been scalped. One potential suspect would be a drug dealer. Especially as the drug dealer had a lot of hair that wasn't attached to anyone. Hair from lots of dead people. But that was not what it seems.

When Every Answer is the Wrong One

Mr. Vaziri is proving very excitable. It seemed like he was on something but it is actually because he has got a paper published. Brennan seems to be having problems with her clothes since giving birth. Booth tries to help, but you can see that pretty much any answer he gives will be the wrong one. Booth realises that too. Sweets knows that something is up and tries to help.

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