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"The Feet on the Beach" is episode seventeen of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, multiple feet are found without corresponding bodies, and one pair belongs to a murder victim.


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The Feet on the Border

A pair of border agents, one of whom is quite new to the job, are walking along the U.S./Canada border near the St. Lawrence River. The rookie trips, but not over his feet like the older agent thinks, but someone else's. Feet that are not attached to a body. The experienced agent is not impressed.

Eleven Feet But No Bodies

Eleven feet have been found so far and the Canadians have sent a forensic podiatrist called Dr. Filmore to help. Brennan knows him, and has written an extensive piece of work essentially refuting that the profession of forensic podiatrist does not exist (reading said report seems to have paralysed one of Filmore's arms). He is not that happy with her, but Brennan doesn't realise that when he is thanking her for discrediting his supposed profession, he is being sarcastic. Perhaps she need a sarcasm sign. Brennan wants to ship the feet to the Jeffersonian, but some of the feet are in Canada - which, to Dr. Filmore, makes them Canadian feet and will therefore be examined by an ordinary Canadian podiatrist.


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A Pair of Boots But No Corresponding Feet

There is also a pair of boots that were not on any of the feet that were found in the river. An arrangement has been made with the Canadian government for Dr. Filmore, and the feet, to come to the Jeffersonian to consult. Booth, and Sweets, say that Brennan needs to apologise to Filmore. She simply doesn't grasp why.

Seven Explained Bodies, One Murder

They currently have feet from eight people, but no bodies. The boots belong to a homeless Canadian with mental health issues. He isn't dead. He had found a pair of shoes that were of the right size, and so emptied the feet out and took the shoes. The feet washed up at least eight days ago and the victims seemed to have died between 1 and 3 months ago. The feet have come from a university body farm in New York, where bodies are placed in various environments so that experts can study the effects of decomposition in different situations, which flooded and seven bodies were washed away. However, they have feet from eight people. Not seven. So one of them appears to be a murder.


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A Secret Cannabis Farm

One pair of feet were removed from their owner by being cut off when said owner was still alive. Naturally the murder victim. The shoes the homeless man took were $2,000 limited edition trainers. Which also belonged to the victim. Booth and Brennan go to the body farm, as evidence suggests that the victim came from the same location. Brennan is rather more excited than Booth about this. With the victim's sneakers being limited edition, they are easily tracked to the purchaser, who was a graduate student at the same university that runs the body farm. So he worked there, but had seemingly dropped out. The shoes were rather expensive for a graduate student, and he had a lot of expensive shoes, which his roommate is now selling. The dead student seems to have got his money from selling drugs - a business that is noted for having some people involved in it who have a serious problem with competitors. The student appeared to be using the farm to sell cannabis.

Dr. Filmore is More Useful than Brennan Thinks

The rest of the team think more highly of Dr. Filmore's skill than Brennan does. Although she does have to come to admit that he has useful skills.

Personal Matters

Hodgins has opened a letter of acceptance to get into Columbia. To study medieval French literature. Which is a bit of a career change. He's also changed his name to Michelle. Angela asks why he is opening Cam's daughter's mail - it's because it was in his pile. Because it was sent to the Jeffersonian. Because Cam has applied in Michelle's name to Columbia - as she wasn't exactly happy to find out in "The Babe in the Bar" that Michelle was going to a small community college to follow her boyfriend.

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