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"The Finder" is episode nineteen of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. This episode departs from the usual style, with most of the time spent on a specialist finder and his team.


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A Body in the Everglades

Booth and Brennan are on an airboat in the Florida Everglades along with a couple of members of local law enforcement. There are human remains, without clothes - so that the remains are more easily eaten. The corpse appears to have been dined on by feral hogs, and it has an acrylic eye. Although there isn't much else left of him. There's a serial number on the eye. Leading to the very quick identification of the remains as belonging to a Sam Nozik, who worked as a security guard at a Miami museum. The guard hadn't reported to work several weeks ago, and the last footage of him showed Sam stealing an 18th century nautical chart fragment, the museum's most recent acquisition.


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A Map to Long Lost Treasure - Possibly

The chart is worthless until it's authenticated. It is supposed to show the final resting place of a long-lost Spanish treasure ship, the Santa Esperanza, that sank during a storm in spring 1774. If it's genuine, it's invaluable, but there have been plenty of forgeries over the years. Booth knows a diviner he thinks can help find the chart fragment. The diviner (the titular finder), Walter, is a bit unusual, possibly paranoid - and he and Booth have a scuffle over Brennan's ID on their first meeting. Booth does not like Walter.

Weird Methods of Finding Things

Brennan is less than convinced about Walter's abilities - so he gives her a demonstration. Walter and his associates (one of whom is played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan) investigate in Florida as Booth and Brennan fly back to the Jeffersonian. The former decides that the security guard was living within his means, Walter had already determined that Sam was drunk when he stole the chart, and that he was probably hired to steal the map. The woman, Ike, wonders what will happen when Walter eventually doesn't find what he's looking for. Walter's method does not involve using a forked twig, but it does seem to work.


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A Departure from the Norm

There is very little seen of the regular cast in this episode, with most of it being spent around Walter and his team, and largely in Florida. That's perhaps why the episode has a different style of title to normal. The episode gives the impression that it was going to create a spin-off series - and indeed it did, The Finder, which only ran for one season and was loosely based on The Locator books by Richard Greener.

Danny Trejo also guest stars. As a Jesuit bishop.

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