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"The Girl in Suite 2013" is episode six of season two of Bones, the forensic drama series based on the books by Kathy Reichs.

This episode opens with Brennan and Booth in a lift listening to Muzak. It's a perfectly normal lift too, so when it opens out onto what is literally a bomb site, it's a bit of a contrast.


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The Crime Scene

The bomb site is a room is where a talk was being given on combating drug trafficking. The keynote speaker is a Colombian judge and, naturally, the obvious suspects are the drug cartels.

Brennan has been called in to identify a rather charred corpse. She finds bits of bones from another body embedded in it, and the wall. The bomb blast originated in the room next door. There is a body in the chandelier of that room, a young waitress who wasn't working that night. She apparently had a rich Hispanic boyfriend.


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The Obvious Suspect

It also seems that there was someone else in the room, who left before the explosion. The judge's son had been with the waitress, who it also seems was actually dead when the explosion happened. So, she was probably not the bomber. The son is a bit of a smug brat, but he didn't seem to know the girl was dead.


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The Cause of the Explosion

The explosion involved liquor and paint supplies as the room was being renovated. It seems the big explosion was simply a side effect of someone trying to cover up the death of the waitress by setting a fire. Various ingredients in the room combined quite dramatically and explosively. The dead waitress was definitely murdered. Was she raped first? Booth definitely likes the judge's son for the murder. So he's probably too obvious. And, indeed, Brennan finds evidence that he couldn't have been capable of murdering the dead girl. Well, not directly anyway.


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Personality Clash

Booth keeps clashing with a representative of the State Department, as there are definite diplomatic repercussions. He's a little person and Brennan isn't really affected by this. Not exactly in a good way; Brennan feels that the representative is using his size to bully people and reacts accordingly. It's not that Brennan doesn't know what the word 'tact' means; she just doesn't really consider it important. Cam is trying to ensure that everyone keeps her in the loop. Cam and Booth sleeping together at the end of the previous episode, "The Truth in the Lye", is possibly another source of awkwardness.

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