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"The Glowing Bones in 'The Old Stone House'" is episode twenty of season two of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.


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Bones that Glow in the Dark

This episode opens with Booth and Brennan on a scene that has a lot of official presence - including helicopters and military personnel. Apparently the bones they have found are glowing (which is not common), and there is concern that a group may have obtained radioactive material. Both have to take pills and suit up before they go an examine the body. In the previous episode, "Spaceman in a Crater", Angela had turned down Hodgins' marriage proposal of marriage - again - and Brennan thinks that now is an ideal time to discuss this. Going by the conversation, the man escorting Booth and Brennan to the crime scene assumes that they are in a relationship.


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No Radiation

The body in the house is definitely glowing in the dark, but there is no increase in radiation measured. So, why is the body glowing? The rest of the people on the scene now consider it not to be their problem - they were only there if there was a radioactive threat - but Booth really wants to know why the dead woman is glowing.


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The Victim was Stabbed Repeatedly

The body had been repeatedly stabbed - but they don't know why the bones are glowing yet. The dead woman was a celebrity chef (they mention mySpace! Do you remember that?). Brennan had eaten in her restaurant with Sully and spoken to her and planned to meet her again to learn about cooking; she's not used to actually knowing a victim.


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The Victim's Husband Claims She's Working

At the restaurant, the victim's husband is claiming that she is still working in the kitchen. He hadn't reported her missing, as she tended to take trips to Atlantic City without telling him (because that way he couldn't say no). He last saw her with a friend who is a partner in the restaurant, along with her boyfriend, when they were taking the money away, because other restaurants in the area have been robbed. The friend seems to be missing, and her boyfriend was away over the weekend on army reserve survival training.


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What Caused the Glow?

The glowing came from a bacteria that is found in seafood which was probably on the knife that stabbed her, specifically a sea urchin found at the dead chef's favourite seafood restaurant. A chef who works there was her high school sweetheart. He said that he reconnected with her and was teaching her how to cook Japanese food, and keeping it secret from her husband because he tended to get jealous. He says that she accidentally cut herself last time he saw her, which would seem to be how the bacteria entered her system. Which means the glowing would seem to be unrelated to her death. There were problems with the marriage and the husband now seems to be a suspect, but he seems a bit too obvious.


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Personal Issues Continue

Hodgins' failed proposal to Angela keeps coming up. Although Hodgins is definitely upset, they still have a decent relationship. He hasn't given up. Brennan really doesn't understand the concept of marriage. It also results in a strange conversation for Booth with Hodgins.

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