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"The Killer in the Concrete" is episode eighteen of season two of Bones, the forensic drama television series based on the loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.


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A Body in a Concrete Riverbed

This episode opens in Baltimore at a federal flood abatement project (reminiscent of the notorious Los Angeles concrete riverbeds). The canine unit were using it for training when one of the cadaver dogs sensed something. They dug up part of the concrete and found a skeleton. Brennan can't tell anything from what's visible, so she wants the entire slab of concrete shipped back to the Jeffersonian. The body is brought back and it bears marks showing that it has been shot and stabbed. These did not kill the victim though; they healed prior to his death.


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Brennan's Relationship with Her Father

Brennan is with Angela at her the grave of the former's mother - it's a year since she was buried there, and Angela says that Brennan should honour her mother. Brennan really does not get this. When Angela goes to wait in the car, Brennan's father turns up. She is less than happy to see him, and calls the police (he is a wanted criminal after all). Brennan's father also wants her to take a look at his criminal record, because he really wants to talk to her. Booth says that Brennan's father never killed anyone who didn't have it coming, so he is actually more tolerant than she is on the subject.


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The Dead Man - A Mob Killer?

It turns out that the man whose bones they dug up was killed by something like a screwdriver or an ice pick. Which means something to Booth. He manages to find the victim - who was not a nice man. He, and his probable killer, worked for a regional crime boss in West Virginia. The potential killer had been arrested during a crackdown on the boss but released on bail, because he wouldn't talk to the cops. Of course, releasing him on bail made his boss think that he had talked. He was also presumed dead, because he went on the run and his leg was found near to his burning car. There was a bounty hunter at the scene who gave a report but she may not have been telling the truth. Her leaving when Booth finds out that there are problems is certainly suspect.


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Brennan's Father Knows the Presumed Killer

Brennan's father is familiar with the presumed killer and warns Booth to be careful. Booth isn't careful enough and the killer gets the drop on him and ties him up - but doesn't kill him. Then the killer's former boss turns up and kidnaps Booth - not that anyone knows this. Brennan reaches out to her father for help.

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