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"The Killer in the Crosshairs" is episode fifteen of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, Jacob Broadsky has returned and is killing again.

Jacob Broadsky with a Rifle

This opens with Jacob Broadsky, the sniper who killed the Gravedigger in "The Bullet in the Brain" - and got away to a large degree because Booth couldn't shoot him in cold blood if the latter wasn't totally sure he did it - getting ready in a hotel room, as Booth joins Brennan running in a park (it's his day off). Broadsky then dismantles and puts away a rifle in a case. Broadsky gets a call from someone, and he says he's on his way to work, but that he can meet them at a cabin on Friday night.


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An Assassination

Broadsky is in a dark location, pointing his gun at someone, who he then calls. The man receiving the call obviously expects the call, but probably not what happens next. Broadsky gets the man to move into a clear line of sight and then shoots him, causing money to fly everywhere from the case the now-dead man was carrying. Rats then start devouring the corpse and, by the time law enforcement is on the scene, much of the body is eaten. There's over $150,000 on the crime scene, and Booth recognises the bullet as being from Broadsky. The dead man was someone that Caroline says they were probably trying to put away but Booth says that the call isn't Broadsky's to make. It seems that the matter is now a bit personal for Booth.


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Faked $100 Bills

Mr. Nigel-Murray is back and he's trying to restrain himself from blurting out facts. Apparently his sponsor says it's a mechanism to stop him from having normal conversations with people. He and Brennan quickly discover a discrepancy between the remains, and who the dead man was supposed to be. The bones suggest a different origin to where the person who is supposed to be the dead man is actually from. Hodgins discovers that the money the man was carrying was worth rather less than it was supposed to - the bills were $5 bills that had been bleached and reprinted as $100 bills (which is why more sensible countries than the U.S. don't have all their bank notes the same size).

So Much for Witness Protection

The dead man was actually in Witness Protection, which is why where he was supposed to be from and where he was actually from didn't match up. Someone in Witness Protection pretty obviously is going to have other people who want them dead. The drug dealer he testified against is in prison. It seems pretty clear that the drug dealer did pay for the hit, but that Broadsky contacted him first. Just as Broadsky contacted the father of two of the Gravedigger's victims who paid for her death. So, they already know who did the murder. They already know who paid for it. They already had the second; they now need to find the first. Somehow, Broadsky found the location of someone in Witness Protection. That may be a way of finding him.

There's Another Target

The trail leads to evidence that Broadsky is planning another kill, but who? And what with? The evidence suggests some new weapon. Broadsky also approaches Booth; things are getting personal for both of them. To stop Broadsky, they need to know his target.


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Personal Matters with Angela's Father

Angela's father is back. He wants to name her child. The name came to him in a song. He also came up with Angela's name the same way - the name that Angela says she hated so much she had it legally changed. Hodgins is not entirely happy. They ask for Sweets' advice. Sweets does not want to give it, as he's afraid of Angela's dad.

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