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"The Knight on the Grid" is episode eight of season three of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the Gormogon killer's handiwork appears again, and he's sending things to Brennan in the mail.

A Deleted Scene

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The Crime Scene - A Construction Site

This episode opens at night with a crime scene at what looks like a construction site. Booth is already there, but he's asked Cam to come out rather than Brennan. Cam says that Brennan was hurt by this; Booth says that she doesn't have feelings. The body is rather... 'fresher' than Brennan's tend to be. The body has been stabbed, there are bite marks on the face and a piece of jade has been left on the scene. The victim has also had his kneecaps surgically removed.


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Brennan's Brother's Girlfriend

When Brennan gets home, a woman turns up on her doorstep - her brother, Russ', girlfriend. The girlfriend wants to know where Russ is, but Brennan doesn't know herself. The girlfriend has two daughters, one of whom is quite ill, and the daughter keeps asking for Russ. Brennan gives her a number on an expert who can help with the ill daughter, as a favour to Brennan. The girlfriend wants Brennan to speak to her father so that he can get a message to Russ. If Russ returns to Washington, and is caught, he will be sent to jail as well.


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Body Parts in the Mail

Brennan was trying to rush the girlfriend out of the door because she had noticed that one of the packages in the mail was leaking blood. Inside are the two missing kneecaps from the victim from the construction site. The package was sent to Brennan at her home address. Which is a bit of a concern. Which Booth agrees with.


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A Connection to the Gormogon Vault

The knees were wrapped in something unusual and Angela recognises a symbol on one of the pieces wrapping them. Zack quickly identifies the knife as being the one used by the Gormogon killer from "Widow's Son in the Windshield". Angela had seen the symbol on a tapestry in the Gormogon vault. Dr. Sweets says that the kneecaps were sent to Brennan so that she could continue replacing the bones in the silver sculpture.


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The Kneecaps of a Priest

Sweets said that there would be something special about the kneecaps. They belonged to a priest. Booth wants to bring Sweets in on the case, even though Brennan doesn't really have any respect for Sweets' profession. The dead priest was working on a book on early Christianity and its links to paganism.


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More Locations Connected to Gormogon

Angela gets some more clues from the tapestry, which result in a couple more locations being found, one is a nursing home and the other a mausoleum in a cemetery. The mausoleum has been there for centuries. Inside it is another skeleton - this one is complete, with all the silver replaced with bones. The victims have been eaten, but not by the same cannibal, and date back decades. Each cannibal is trained by the master, and then goes on to create his own sculpture.


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The Next Victim

They manage to form a pattern for the kills and identify who they think is the next victim. He does not believe them, and thinks it's a ploy by the FBI. When he asks how stupid they think he is, Brennan answers honestly. Very stupid in other words.


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More is Discovered About the Gormogon Killer

It looks like they are getting closer to Gormogon - they certainly know more about him, if not who he is - but the killer is not stupid. The Gormogon killers work as a team, a master and an apprentice. Which Sweets compares to the Sith. The current master's apprentice is dead.

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